5 Major Facts About Improve Value Chain Activity

5 Major Facts About Improve Value Chain Activity


In my previous article, I have talked about some of the facts that you need to know about Plan Value Chain Activity.  In this article, I would like to move to the next step which is the Improve Value Chain Activity. I will be talking about the five major improve value chain activity in ITIL 4. Follow me as we look at this together in this article. 


5 Major About Improve Value Chain Activity

The Improve Value Chain Activity is being used to ensure continual improvement of products, services and practices across all value chain activities and the four dimensions of service management. 


Here are the inputs of the Improve stage…

#1 Products and Services performance as part of Improve Value chain activity

The first input of the Improve value chain activity is the products and service performance information from Delivery and Support. The IT Manager needs to liaise with the Front desk that has direct interaction with customers on how the products have performed so far. He should access the feedback from customers in order to know the areas that they need to improve upon.


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#2  Stakeholders feedback

The Engage team also needs to get stakeholder feedback and make it available to the team. They need to conduct a stakeholder assessment in order for them to suggest what they want in the new products and services. When feedbacks are received from stakeholders, it will allow them to contribute to product development. It will also ensure that the final products and service are acceptable to the stakeholders.


#3 Performance Information from others

There is a need for you to also get performance information from all other stakeholders that are involved in the value chain activities. You need to know these departments have performed in the past and see how they can be assisted in order for them to perform better. If there is an holisitic audit of all departmental activities, most importantly those that are involved in value chain activities, There are high chances that value co-creation in ITIL will succeed. 


#4 Knowledge and Information

The next thing that we have under this stage of value chain activity is the need to share knowledge and information about new and changed products and services from Design and Transition and Obtain and Build teams. That means the Design and Transition team needs to confirm from the Obtain and Build team if it is actually what they planned that implemented by the other team. They also have to ensure that simplicity is at the front burner of whatever solution that they have come up with. 


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#5 Third Party Services

There is also a need for you to have knowledge about third-party services that will be needed in order for you to deliver value services to your customers. Some of this service will affect the implementation of products and services. You have to be sure that these contractors are set to deliver what your customers are really expecting from the new service. 



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