How to use IF Function in Microsoft Excel

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IF Function


IF Function is one of the powerful tools that you will always find in Microsoft Excel. I can also say it is one of the tools that if you know how to use it, it will always separate men from the boys in terms of knowledge of Excel.


As I always tell my students. IF is a conditional statement, You will always use it when you need to find answers based on certain conditions. Let say, for example, I want to give out $50 to any of my Sales Rep that was able to make $10oo in a month. IF statement will help me know those that are qualified for such award. Lets now see the example that I have for today.


IF Function


Before I begin, you can download if function



From the poser above, We want to use IF function solve this question. Some of my students used to ask me how will they know that they are to use IF function argument. You just need to analyse the question. THat does not mean that it is only IF function that can be used to solve a given problem. In this example, for instance, you are asked to give Sales Rep 9% if their sales are greater than or equals to $1,000.


To do that, you will need to go over to the function library. You can locate the Function library under the Formula Tab.  You will see Fx under insert function group. 




Once you click on the Insert  Function box and a dialogue box will open. 

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You have to click on Insert function and IF Function dialogue box will open. You will now see for IF. Once you click on search, it will shows. You just need to fill the three boxes and you will get your answer. 


From this IF Function question, you are to give Sales Rep that makes $1000 and above the 9% of their total sales. 


Using the 9% with the IF Function question

The next thing is to find 9% of the total sales for each of the Sales Rep. You will just multiply each of the total sales by 9%. The conventional way is to lock down 9% and use it to multiply each of the figures in the total sales column. I will not be able to do that now. Am going to show you how to lock down a cell and the reason why you need to lock down in my next article. 



So where you have value if true, you will now click the first total * 9%. Once you drag down you will see the remaining answer.


The value if false will be “no commision based on the question. 


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