5 Things You Never Knew About Untrustworthy Websites

Introducing some of the facts you never knew about untrustworthy websites


In my previous article, I have talked about some of the ways that you can identify a trustworthy website. I believe if you have been following some of these articles, you can save yourself from credit card frauds among other crimes committed online. In this article, which is the second part of the article, I want to talk about some of the ways of identifying untrustworthy websites.

5 Things You Never Knew About Untrustworthy Websites

First and foremost, such a website might come from email messages or links from someone you do not know. You should always be very careful not to click on links sent by someone you do not even know. There is a high tendency that such a link will take you to an illegal and harmful website.

There is also the probability of such a website presenting illegal or harmful content. Some of them might be pornography websites or sites promising gifts that are too good to be true. They can be set up to scam unsuspecting users.

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One major symptom of such untrustworthy websites is that at times, they ask users to provide credit card information or other sensitive information when such is not necessary for what they are trying to do.

When you are on such a site, you might be asked to provide credit card information when there is no guarantee that such information is secured. You should not supply your credit card information when there are no padlocks or the site is on https.


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