3 ways of identifying alternatives for Projects

Here are ways of identifying alternatives for projects…

While trying to execute a project, there are always other methods that you can use to solve the problem instead of the one that you finally adopted. In this article, I want to look at some of the ways that you can use to decide on alternative methods for your project. Follow me as we look at this together.

#1 Lateral thinking
This is a creative approach to finding alternatives happens when the team attempts to think about a problem in new ways and generate fresh solutions. You are trying to look at the project from a new dimension and come up with creative ideas that may be better than previous thinking about the project.

identify alternatives

#2 Brainstorming
This is a general creativity technique for generating possible alternatives for the project. Brainstorming methods can be structured or unstructured in approach. This happens when team members come together and look at the pros and cons of a project and come up with as many alternatives as possible for the project.

#3 Delphi technique
This method of finding an alternative for a project extracts and summarises anonymous group inputs to choose among various alternatives that have already been arrived at by experts. This is often used to arrive at an estimate or forecast for the project.


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