How to identify customer requirement in a project

This article talks about what customer requirement is for a project…


A customer requirement is a requirement that documents the customer’s needs and expectations to meet the project’s objectives. It is been observed that of the reasons that a project can be initiated is due to customer demand. This does not necessarily mean people that are buying from him. It might even be your customer service representative as well.

Some of the requirements that might necessitate a project include conformance to specific standard, quality, functional criteria, data, security and control, content, technical, training, performance and support among others.

identify customer requirement

In identifying customer requirements, you need to explain in details, in a way that an ordinary person can understand. You need to analyse it for better clarification and follow up.

Analyzing and documenting of customer requirements will help you to follow up on customer requirements and make necessary adjustments where necessary, it is even when you have all these requirements from different customers and stakeholders that you can now plan on how you will deliver these objectives. This will also form the basis for your planning, costing, scheduling, and quality for the proposed project.

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