How IBM Data Science Help with Attrition

How IBM Data Science Help with Attrition


Girl Scouts is a great thing to do and I would recommend it to any girl. It’s probably changed my life thinking differently, thinking about how I could help other people. It’s made me learn how to give myself goals and how to work towards them. Girls are 50% of the population but they aren’t 50% of leadership roles.

Natalye Paquin CEO, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
10% of all girls are Girls Scouts but that 10 % go on to represent 80% of women in executive leadership roles so it means that we’re doing something right. However, nationally we’ve been losing members for about a decade.

Terri Dean Senior Vice President, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
My personal reaction when I saw the numbers declining and began to study the reasons why I knew for example on an aggregate level that Girl Scouts of eastern Pennsylvania retained 53% percent of its girl members. That’s all I need because I just didn’t have the expertise at that point to dig deeper.

Natalye Paquin CEO, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
We have learned through our IBM grant that girls who are more engaged actually stay with the girl scouts longer. It’s obviously the girls that sell the cookies, the girls that attend the programs. They’re learning financial planning, inventory management, how to communicate with others, sales, so they’re learning financial literacy. It’s a really big part of how a girl develops some leadership skills.

Nancy Bachrach Senior Manager, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
The predictive analytics showed us which girls tend to stay with Girl Scouts longer. Everything that we do and everything that we pull leads towards how do we keep those members on board.

Terri Dean Senior Vice President, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
Now because of the influence of IBM and big data I can tell you that we began the year at a 76% percent retention rate for girls. The information is there if we want to sustain Girl Scouts, we’ve got to marry big data and analytics with the work that we do on the ground.


Nancy Bachrach Senior Manager, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
IBM gave us the opportunity to pull data from all of those different databases, put it into one place in SPSS. This gives us the opportunity to base decisions on actual data so we can see real trends and move forward.
Terri Dean Senior Vice President, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
I think the IBM SPSS software solution is certainly going to support our mission because now we don’t have to just rely upon Excel spreadsheets to try to extrapolate future growth and try to develop a trend line.

Nancy Bachrach Senior Manager, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
You know my boss is thrilled that I can give her better reports, that means something more to us now than it did a year ago.
Girl scout mother
This is not your mom’s Girl Scouts, it isn’t even the Girl Scouts that I had when I was a brownie. This is really an organization that’s building up the next generation of leaders.

Girl scout
My role model is my mom she’s pretty inspiring and I want to be a Girl Scout leader like her. Girl scout mother I’ve always tried to show her that you can pretty much do whatever you want to do, you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up. It teaches them values, morals, also how to be better people.

Terri Dean Senior Vice President, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA
There was seamless work between IBM on the global business services side as well as corporate citizenship and then how that all blended together with the IBM SPSS software. I felt like we were working with colleagues of the Girl Scouts.
Natalie Paquin  CEO, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA

Analytics to Retain Member Base
We learned more about ourselves than we knew, it’s a great opportunity, it takes a lot of work and we’re prepared for it because we’re Girl Scouts.

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