How to create Human Resource Plan for Projects

This article shows how Human Resource Plan can be used for Projects…

Resources, most especially human is one of the tools that you need in order to run a successful project. In this article, I want to look at how you can act as Human Resource Manager and get all the resources that you need in order to make your project a success. Follow me as we look at this procedure together.


#1 Review staffing requirement
One of the steps that you need to take when you want to create Human resource plan for your project is to review the human resource plan of your projects. You have to examine all the skills that you need in order to accomplish all the task for your project.
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You must know the level of expertise that is needed for each resource, how much will it cost to hire all these resources? You also need to consider networking as a means of raising all the resources that you need for your project. You should not also forget to work with your Human Resource department in order to raise the required resources.

#2 Understanding constraints
One other steps that you need to take when you are trying to create Human Resource Plan for your project is to have a clear understanding of all the limitations that you have as far as raising resources for your project is concerned. Some organizations will not allow you to bring in Subject Matter Expert in order to accomplish goals. All these must be taken in to consideration when you are developing your human resource plan.

#3 Organisational structure
The organizational structure that a project manager is working in at times can affect the options that a Project manager has as far as organizing resources for project is concerned. You need to understand the organizational structure that you are operating in, whether it is projectized, matrix or functional organizational structure and how this is going to affect the resource availability of your project.
#4 Roles documentation
There is the need for you to document the roles and responsibility of each of the resource that you have for your project. When you have their reporting relationship in your human resource plan, it will ensure that there is no friction among your resource. You will also be sure that all tasks has been assigned before the commencement of the project.


In documenting the roles , you have to make sure that external vendors are properly guided as far as the roles they are meant to play is concerned.


You also have to consider the competencies of member of staffs that are part of your project as well as how this affects reporting relationship for your project. Aside that, you have to make sure that all key stakeholders with one role or the other are properly arranged in hierarchical order as well.


You also have to assign roles and responsibilities to stakeholders who are directly involved in the project rather than to senior managers who have little bearing on the project.

Action Point
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