3 Human-Based Social Engineering in Security

3 Human-Based Social Engineering in Security


Here are some of the facts that you need to know about human-based social engineering in security.


#1 Eavesdropping 

Eavesdropping is the unauthorized listening of conversations or reading of messages. 


It’s the interception of any form of communication such as audio, video or written.

Human-based social engineering

#2 Shoulder surfing

Shoulder surfing is the procedure where the Attackers look over the user’s shoulder to gain critical information such as passwords, personal identification number, account numbers, credit card information e.t.c


#3: Dumpster diving 

Dumpster diving include searching for sensitive information at the target company ‘ s trash bins, printer thrash bins, user desk for sticky note e.t.c

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It involves the collection of a phone bill, contacts information, financial I formation, operations related information among others.


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