Revealed: How Website Speed Affects SEO and traffic

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Introducing ways by which Website Speed affects SEO and traffic


Website Speed is crucial for a website’s success. However, many website owners, knowingly or unknowingly, ignore the importance of load times. That is to say, most websites are a lot slower than they should be. And when we say “a lot,” we mean A LOT.


The masters of hosting analyses at the Hosting Tribunal crunched the numbers, and they recommend that pages should take no longer than 3 seconds to load.

The average desktop page takes 9.3 seconds. That’s over three times as much!

How Website Speed Affects SEO and traffic

So why is 3 seconds the recommended load time? Well, longer load times carry serious drawbacks. It might not seem important, but even a second makes a significant difference online.

The first thing speed affects is SEO. To be clear, with search engine optimization, content is still king. If you have the indisputably best content, it’s probably going to outweigh a couple of seconds of delay.


But more often than not, you’re battling your competitors to get as high as possible in search rankings. On a relatively even playground, speed can undermine your SEO efforts. If you and your competitor have content of similar quality, the faster website will get the edge. And it’s a real shame to lose that top ranking over something preventable.


Long load times also put off your visitors. Nobody likes waiting. In fact, visitors hate waiting so much that 53% leave if your page takes over 3 seconds to load. Not only that, but 75% avoid pages that take 4 seconds to load.


And visitors definitely carry their grudges offline. 44% share their experiences with their acquaintances. So, if your site is slow, you might even get a bad reputation.

All things considered, you should take each possible fraction of a second off your load times. This way you avoid getting on the bad side of both search engines and visitors.

Make sure to check out the infographic below for detailed stats and success stories about website speed.


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