How To Start Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria : Guides and Procedures

Here is a guide on how to start a bulk sms business in Nigeria , it’s a cool business to think of and less stress. As we all know, 85% of business in Nigeria requires capital and this is the reason why need capital to start this business but be calm , bulk SMS business requires less capital and you can get 200% as profit .

What Is Bulk Sms

As the name implies , bulk SMS that is sending multiple short messages to lot of numbers at once , it’s cheaper , easier and faster than sending one by one .
Churches , schools and organisations makes use of this due to large numbers of members while they need to forward messages to them but the time of sending one after the other is not there and sending one by one is also cost and this is when bulk SMS comes in .

Now we have people who are into this business , all they do is to supply these organisations bulk SMS service , the demand of bulk SMS of these companies having large members is high , they need it and always wanting it . So it’s someone you can go into which am going to tell how to start the bulk SMS business in this article.

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Types Of Bulk Sms

1. Promotional Bulk SMS

As the name implies , promotion . This is used to promote brand , business, advert and other things just to make people be aware of something . It’s usually not always done once ,most organisations always want to send this type of SMS always and not just once .

2. Transaction Bulk SMS

Just like the banks, something like debit Alert , reminders and others . Majority of the while Nigerians receives this always and this type of SMS is always cool too due to sending always and not just once

How Profitable Is Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria?

I know this is everybody’s question each time they want to go into a business or something that has to do with financial profit . People wants to know how profit it is before embarking into it but u must confess to you …

1. It’s Less Expensive To Start

The capital you need in starting this business is very less depends on small and large you want it to be . You can be this type that wants to supply multiple organisations at a time and you should know the larger it is the bigger the capital . But as it is it’s something you can start with a low capital.

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2. Less Time Consuming

You can have other business , you can be a student , you can do other things and make this bulk SMS business a part time thing , it doesn’t require full time job , it’s as easy as anything .

3. Doesn’t Require Building

This bulk SMS doesn’t need a building to start at all , it has to do it with your gadget or device . All you just have to do is to only pay money into the provider accounts and then your provider handles the bulk SMS portal design, installation, host, and also test run your new business before handing it over to you.
It doesn’t require much skills it’s something so simple .

4. Profitable

They can decide to sell 1naira per 1sms unit and then you will resell at 3naira. Meaning if you send 1million bulk SMS ,you are generating a sum of 2million as profit at once .

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How To Start A Bulk SMS Business

1. Get A Laptop (Computer)

Buy a small cheap laptop and make sure you have internet connection , find someone who can put you through the software.

2. Get to know host companies and sms providers

Talk to sms providers who will sell them to you in cheap price. They can decide to sell 1naira per 1sms unit and then you will resell at 3naira. Meaning if you send 1million bulk SMS ,you are generating a sum of 2million as profit at once .

3. Get To Know Companies

You can make research about organisations who make use of this , go to them give them awareness about your work or make use of online adverts , they will contact you.

4. Registration

You need to register your business with the CAC , it’s a must and essential for all business entity .

Companies That Needs Bulk SMS service

  • Banks
  • E-commerce and logistics
  • Advertising and Event
  • Management
  • Airlines and Travels Agencies
  • Religious Organisations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Media and Entertainments
  • Political Parties
  • Academic Institutions
  • Advertisers

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