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How to Start a Wedding Planning Business in Nigeria


How to Start a Wedding Planning Business in Nigeria (Event Planning) has really got so much in mind of people , and like we know wedding planning is a trending work hitting the wall of the while world , people get married every Saturdays but you can’t expect either the groom or bride to have time organising the wedding party . They need someone who can plan it fully for them , someone who can decorate and design beautifully , they need someone who can manage and monitor every need so they won’t lack anything and this business have trending everywhere , it’s something you can go into if you are ready to learn it.
Am going to list certain things you need to get and how to start it so you won’t be in darkness. Let’s roll

1. Skills

You need to know about the skills , there are some skills needed in the wedding planning (event planning) of a thing . It’s not something you can just start immediately , you need to reach out to people who are already into to learn some certain things before you can engage fully in before you can start receiving contracts so you won’t get blamed later .

2. Have a Business Plan

This will help you a lot and make you focus on your target , a real business person should out his or her goal into writing so as to make things easy him or her .

3. Professionalism

Try all your best to be perfect , remember you are not the only one in this wedding planning industry , they are many people in fact I can bodly say it’s competitive somehow , you won’t know until you start it , remember people wants the best , if you organise the best , you will get the best deal from other people but when you do it in a casual way , people won’t see any uniqueness in that so you need to be professional in the skill .

4. Develop relationships with vendors

This will help you a lot because you will definitely get jobs from them always

5. Develop Relationship With Hotels

Hotels around should be aware that you do such things so at least they can always tell their customers who come to book down hotel for wedding . This will get you a long way in the industry and as long as you are good then you will move forward and earn a lot .

4. Complimentary Card

You need a small complimentary card to reach more people and advertise to them on what you do .

5. Social Media Page (optional)

Atleast to make it official , you might possibly need social media page just to keep uploading your designs .

6. Workers

You can’t organise a while wedding alone , the decorating , organising , beautifying and all other things need to be carried out while you need workers to help you in that.