How To Start A Restaurant Business In Nigeria : Guides and Procedures

Here is a guide on How To Start up A Restaurant Business In Nigeria , it easy once you have a capital to start it up , I’ll show you the procedures to start up the food businesses .

We are talking of restaurants not canteens , there’s a little different between the two , now let roll on how to start your restaurant business in Nigeria .

1. Capital

This is every business priority , you need money to start it up and it’s definitely .

2. Building

Yea , building is a major part of her business , your customers would want to sit and eat. Not just a building , a clean charming Charlie’s place designed to motivate people to come and patronise .

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3. Caterers

You need people who know much about cooking so you won’t be wasting your food everyday , your food taste matters a lot to customers , no matter how clean your place can be you might probably just get first time comers alone but when your food is extremely sweet , wow then you get multiple customers keep coming and you will earn a lot .

4. Complimentary card

This will make it official , when customers come do not hesitate to give them your complimentary cards, it shows seriousness and from this you might grow bigand bigger .

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5. Advert

To kill it up , advertise your company on social medias and other platforms , this can bring long distance people to come and patronise you . It’s just as simple as that ..

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