How To Start A Pure Water Business In Nigeria : Full Guides and Procedures

To Start A Pure Water Business In Nigeria is very easy once you have the capital and a land (space) . I’ll list out the procedures to follow to start a pure water business .


The first thing you need is to register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and NAFDAC if you don’t want to have issues . So far pure water is something people take in so has to be registered under the government . It is the law.

2. Land (space)

The space can be 3 bedroom flat or more , so far it has space where you can run your machines to produce the pure water then you are good to go .


3. Sink a borehole and install tanks overhead

This is one of the major aspect you need to dive in water for your business. You need to sink a borehole and install necessary water tanks in places to store more water .

4. Install distillation system for water purification

As you know , you are not the one drinking the water , it is the public so you need water purifier to cleans the water before you start producing it . It is a must .

5.Get an auto sealing machine

This will be the machine that will seal the water when it’s already in the case (nylon) . There lesser price of machine online you can buy , don’t be scared it’s not too cost .

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6. Get packaging materials

Atleast you will want to package the water , you will also want to stamp your company name on the pure water nylon so as to give your company high authority . You need to be authorized.

7. Recruitment

All this works cannot be done alone , you need workers who will help you to carry out all major things so you need to recruit workers , don’t worry you can pay them because you will make lot of money in the business.

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8. Electricity

You can’t do all this production without electricity , so either you provide electricity for yourself by using generator or make use of the government light (not certain).

9. Acquire a truck for distribution

You need a truck to distribute waters for people who demanded for it , and to sell out. This truck will also serve as publication stuffs

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