How To Start A Cement Block Business : Full Guides And Procedures

How To Start A Cement Block Business in Nigeria is a cool idea to know , this is a full guide on how to setup the cement block industry in Nigeria .
But be reminded that you need a little high capital to start this , I’ll list what you need and how you will go about it . Let’s roll

1. Land (space)

You need a little bit large land to start this cement block business in Nigeria , A 60 x 120 plot of land preferably and make sure the land it located in a new area , upcoming and new developing site because this is the exact place there blocks and cement will be needed most to construct any building there .

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2. Diesel Lister

This is used to power the block moulding machine , the moulding machine is used to mould the block and it’s sizes in a faster faster way , although it can be done manually by the workers but it will so slow and time consuming . Even though you will still have to pay high for the workers so moulding machine is more preferable and that’s why you need diesel Lister .

3. Sink a Borehole

You need much more water in the industry , the kind of water you need is not just ordinary water you can share with anybody , it must be a permanent water feeding the block industry alone and this is why you need to sink a borehole to get you lot of water .

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3. Block Moulder Machine

If you read number 2 , you will understand what the block moulder does , it is the machine used to mould the blocks , it is fast and effective , less time and less money .

3. Blocks Carriers

You can construct some wood to carry your blocks from where it’s been moulded to a place where it will get dry , you can make use of wood , planks or anything you know that can carry the blocks then people who will life it from one place to another . Some people make use of machine anyway , depends on your standard of the business .

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4. Workers

Am sure you already know you need workers that will help you operating the machine , move the blocks. Mould the blocks , sell it and manage the company as a whole .

Once you are ready with all this things , then you are good to go , don’t forget every business you do in this Nigeria is always advisable to register under government so as not to face warrant later.

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