How To Spot A Fake Police Officer

Spoting a fake police officer has different methods which am going to list below .

1. Appearance

If you are the type that are closer to police officers , you will see the difference between a real officer and a fake one , take note!

2. Addressing

The way a real police officer will address you will be different from a fake one , when you want to catch the fake ones , kindly shout at them . The real police officer will take it up with you while the fake officer will reduce his voice . Gat what am saying ?


3. They Don’t Calm Down To Listen

A real police officer will be calm to listen to you while the fake one will take it rough , be aware .

4. Checking Our What Is Not Their Business

A real police officer will go straight to the point reasons why he/she stopped you at first while the fake ones will start asking things that does not concern them at all , be mindful .

5. Not Allowing You To Call Anybody

A fake police officer would not want you to make a call because they don’t know who you want to call . A real police officer is ready for you to make any call .

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