How To Setup A Gym Business in Nigeria : Full Guides

How To Setup A Gym Business in Nigeria : here is a full guides and supports on how to start a gym business in Nigeria . Millions of people are ready to get fitted . Fat women , fat men , footballers , boxers , bouncers and all other major people need a gym house they can visit to get their adequate training .
I’m going to support you via this content on how to setup your gym business in Nigeria , let’s roll..

1. Know About It

Even though you can’t coach , you can employ a coach that knows much about the business then let the person coah you first so you can get to know about it . Atleast you are still the managing director of the business so you need to know much about gym.

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2. Accreditation

Your business needs to be registered under government , get it accredited to gain much t rust , almost all the business needs this .

3. Building

You need a little bit large building that will contain all your machines , facilities and equipments . This building is your exact office where people come to train .

4. Equipments

It’s time you get the equipments you need for the gym , equipments like :

  • Training Bench.
  • Dumbbell Set.
  • Barbell Set
  • Kettlebell Set.
  • Pull-Up Frame and Bar.
  • Treadmill.
  • Stationary Bicycle .
  • Rowing Machine.
  • And many more other ones …. See picture below
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And even your coach will tell you other certain equipments and facilities you need to start it up .

5. Identify Your Fitness Niche

You might not go well with all the fitness niche , depends on you , if you employ a coach for the gym business then you need to know the niche your coach is good at , you can decide to go for all the fitness niche then employ many coashes as you want .

6. Workers

You might possibly need workers who would need to clean up your company (gym house) for you everyday , attend to people who are there to start their gym fitness and other activities and with this I think you are good to go .

By now , am sure you should be calculating how much capital you need with all these have listed that you need .

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