How to Secure Data Backup Encryption


How to Secure Data Backup Encryption


Secure data Backup can be seen as the process of copying saved data to external or internal storage. This will ensure that the information is available anytime that it is needed. You can add another layer of security to your backup by making use of encryption.

Encryption is the process of locking data with a password. This will ensure that anyone that hijack the data cannot make any sense of such data. It is the process of ensuring that sensitive data does not fall into wrong hands.
How to Secure data Backup Encryption
Encryption can also be seen as the process of converting the backup data to a format that is not recognizable. You all know how you will react when you see information written in Greek. You will have to drop it because you cannot make any sense of it. Even though that information is key to a million dollar. You will ignore it because it is not making any sense.

In addition, even though making backups on external storage media is safe and reliable, the external media may still be stolen or be corrupted. This will make it highly difficult to restore such data.

There is a need for you to encrypt the data on a USB drive or other external storage device in order to protect such information. Doing that will make such data unusable for anyone that is not authorized to use such drive.
There is some encryption tool such as Truecrypt that can be used to backup data. In the next session, I want to show you in the next section of this article.


How to use Truecrypt for secure data backup…
Truecrypt as a tool uses various encryption techniques to perform its functions. It automatically encrypts the data without any user intervention. That means you do not need to do anything before the encryption is been done.

In order to encrypt using this method…

You have to Install the Truecrypt program. After you have done that, you will have to create a volume, which is the size you want to create.
The next thing to do when carrying out secure data backup is to select the secure data backup file that you want to encrypt. After you have done that, you will select the Encryption Algorithm to be used for encrypting data. You will now click “Next” to encrypt the data.

Data Backup in Data encryption…

Data backup can be seen as the process of saving copies of your document within or outside your device. This will allow you to restore the document anytime the document is been lost. In this article, I want to talk about three types of Data backup that can be done. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.
Window data backup allows for creating a duplicate copy of the files and folder on the hard disk and then archiving them to external storage. This is very necessary as it will ensure that normal operations are not disrupted anytime there is a loss of data.
Furthermore, the files are restored to their previous position after restoring the backup data. The normal business operation can now continue after the file might have been restored.


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How to set up secure data backup…
To set up Back up data, you need to click on the Start button. Then you will click on “Control Panel”. Alternatively, you can search for “Control Panel in Windows 8 and above. After that, you will click on “Restore data”. You will now click on “Backup Now”
The next thing is to select the drive to save the backup and then click “Next”.

In the “What do you want to Back Up” screen, check the option “Let the Window choose. Then you click on “Next”
Then back up in progress will appear which will complete the Backup process.

If you now want to restore the data…

First and foremost, you have to go to “Control Panel”, then click on Backup and Restore. You will now click on “Restore my files”.
In “Browse or search your backup for files and folders to restore screen”, click on “Browse for folders to restore a folder, and then click “Next”.
In “Where do you want to restore your file? “Screen, check in the original location or in the following location for browse the desired location and then click “Restore”.

Windows Data Recovery tools…

Windows Data recovery is the process of recovering data after you might have lost it due to one reason or the other. The loss might in data recovery be due to virus attack, carelessness, hackers or unauthorized access among others. In this article, I want to talk about how you can recover data through EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard. Follow me as we look at how to do that in this article.


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Here are some of the facts you should know about secure data backup

Data Backup is one concept that many of us will want to avoid like a plague. I don’t know about you.
I have lost data in the past and it was so painful. It is possible that someone reading this post has just lost another info. It happens to us all.
That is why we need to stop procrastinating and back up our data now. 


Data Backup is the process of making duplicate copies of critical data on backup media such as CD or DVD, USB or pen drive, external hard disk or online platforms such as Google Drive or other means.

Backing up our data is a good practice that we should embrace. I have met many students that lost their final year projects to viruses.
This can be prevented by saving every edited chapter of your work in your email. If you have not done that it is not too late to do that now.

Reason for secure data backup

There is a reason why you need to back up your data. If you are the type that constantly back up your data, you will be able to restore critical data anytime there is a loss of your data.
This can happen when you accidentally delete data or you have a virus attack. It helps you to come to your real self after you have suffered a catastrophic loss. 
backing up your critical data is very easy and cost-effective. There is still a substantial amount of your data that you can save at little or no cost. If you are using Google Drive.
For example, you can save up to 15gig in your email/Google Drive without any additional charges. Besides, there is no amount that you can spend on data protection or backup that is too much.


If you compare what you will have to spend if you have failed to back up your data.    Data Backup should be your top priority when you are thinking about system maintenance and administration.
Added to that is the protection of your device from virus attack. Performing these two tasks will guarantee that your system is secured against any external attack.


EASEUS Windows Data Recovery Wizard provides a comprehensive data recovery solution for computer users to recover lost data due to partition loss or damage, software crash, virus infection and unexpected shutdown.
This powerful tool helps you to recover data that you have completely deleted from the Recycle bin of your computer.
data backup
This powerful data recovery tool can also help you to recover files that you deleted before you reformat your Windows. These are data that you would have expected that you are not going to recover again.
EASEUS Windows Data Recovery Wizard can also help you to recover data that you have on your hard disk before it got crashed. It has the ability to bring back those data safe and sound.
Also, with this tool, you can recover office documents, photos, images, videos, music, emails that you have sent to thrash among others.
You can also carry out the recovery from hard drive, memory card, memory stick, camera card, floppy disk and other story media that has your documents.
There are other tools that you can use for data recovery such as :
Advanced Disk Recovery
Handy Recovery
Virtual Lab Data Recovery
File Scavenger Data Recovery
Windows Data Recovery Software
Quick Recovery for Windows
Get Data Back
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
Mini Tool Power Data Recovery
Soft Perfect File Recovery
Free Undelete
Partition Wizard Home Edition
Undelete Plus
Recover Plus Photo recovery



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