How to Perform Checklist Analysis for Projects

How to Perform Checklist Analysis for Projects


Checklist Analysis for projects is the process of systematically evaluating the pre-created checklists and developing a checklist based on relevant historical information. It served as a standard way to identify tasks and is applicable to any process or system, including equipment and human issues. 


Checklist analysis is generally performed by experts and the quality of evaluation is primarily based on the knowledge and experience of people creating the checklists.

checklist analysis for projects

It is recommended to review the checklist during project closure and incorporate the lesson learned for future use on projects. Here are the steps involved in checklist analysis for projects. 


The first step in checklist analysis for a project is to determine the process or system of interest as well as the areas you are interested in. You need to liaise with stakeholders and decide on which part of the system needs to be checked for correctness and efficacy.  


As a follow up to that, you need to define the process that will be used to perform checklist analysis for the project. There is a need for you to look at the process holistically and ensure that all known adding processes are removed. 


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As part of the process in checklist analysis for projects, you need to classify the process to determine where they really belong to. Take, for instance, the project lifecycle. Some can be classified under initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing among others. You need to classify them so as to know how the entire system works together. 



In furtherance to this, you need to create relevant checklists that will help you to perform quality analysis better. You have to determine all activities that you needed to perform in order to achieve your desired goals. This will allow you to check the checklists and ensure that no step is missing.



Apart from the breakdown into subsystems, you may need to further break down the subdivisions into more divisions so as to be sure that all processes are covered. Take, for example, your initiating process groups. You may also have to look at steps needed to create the project charter, although it is still under your initiating process group. 


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There is a need for you to respond to questions regarding the checklists you have prepared for the project. There will be questions coming from stakeholders regarding the steps you have taken in order to achieve your desired goals. You need to make sure that their doubts are cleared in order to enjoy their supports. 



You also need to make use of validations, recommendations or improvements. That means after you have checked yout checklists and discover that something is missing, you have to recommend what should be done to address the anomaly.



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