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How to open a blogger blog in 5 minutes

Easy way to setup a Blogger blog 
Step 1: Signing Up for Blogger
 Signing Up for Blogger
1. Go to www.blogger.com
2. Enter your Google Email and password into the Sign In box on the right side of the screen.
3. Click Sign In
          Optional: If you do not want your name on your blog, click Switch to a limited Blogger Profile
4. Confirm Profile by clicking the Continue to Blogger button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Creating a Blog
 Creating a Blog
1. Click the New Blog button. The Create a New Blog window should appear.
2. Type in a title for your blog in the Title box
3. Type in a short address that relates to your blog’s title in the Address box.
Important! If the address is already taken you will see a yellow box with an exclamation point. If the address is available, you will see a blue box with a check mark.
4. Select a template from the options provided by clicking on one. When a template is selected, it will have a blue box around it.
              You must select a default template for now, but you will be able to customize it later.
5. Click Create Blog button.


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