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How To Monitor Someone’s Call | Spy Someone’s Call | Highjack Partner’s Call


Monitoring someone’s call
conversations, the reality is that you simply can actually
Spy and monitor someone’s mobile calls
conversations with the person knowing and if you
are trying to find how to spy and monitor
someone calls then this text is for you read till
the end.
Note: you would possibly have your reasons why you would like
to spy and monitor someone’s mobile call
conversation but remember everybody right to his
or her privacy and should not be monitored but on
the other hand i understand that some men and
women might want to use that method to seek out if
their partner is cheating on them why some would
need to spy and monitor their child to understand
when their child goes out of the boundaries but
which ever way am only scripting this to extend
the knowledge of each visitors and members of
https://crmnigeria.com forum and to point out them that we
are during a world of the many possibilities,
Lert us continue:

How To Monitor Someone’s Call

Spy mobile Monitoring call conversations:
We are during a mobile world whereby nothing is hidden, some people will leave their work and
offices chasing their Husband, wife, boy-friend
and girl-friend beat the name him or her which
can be frustrating and time consuming because
you can actually spy and monitor him or her with
his or her own mobile with him/her
How does it work:
There is something you’ll continue his or her
phone and when someone calls, you’ll be able
to hear all the conversations from your own
mobile phone and when his/her phone rings your
phone will also ring, when the phone is picked
your phone will automatically be picked also and
you start hearing their conversation. in GSM
language we call it GSM “AMIBO or tapping
another man’s call” interesting right, just wait we
have not finished yet but we are becoming close.
Procedure on the way to syp and monitor someones
call conversations:
Pick the mobile of the person you would like to
monitor and press **21*174 your own mobile
number# otherwise you can also press **67*174(You
phone number)# then send.
Mr Emaka whose phone numbers are
08017736488 wants to watch Favour (his
Fiancee) whose mobile number is 08011337746,
now check out what Mr Emaka must do, Emaka
will continue Favour’s phone
**21*17408011337746# and send it by pressing

If somebody calls Favour, Mr Emaka’s phone will
also be ringing at an equivalent time with Favour’s
mobile phone and immediately Favour picks her
phone Emaka’s phone are going to be pick itself
automatically and Emaka are going to be hearing all the
conversations between Favour and her caller.
Remember this is often applicable to U.T.V Monitor
phones, it also requires airtime credit in both
phones before activation.
How to cancel mobile spy and

Sometimes after activating the mobile spy
and monitor you would possibly wish to disable it after
finding out what you would like to understand and every one you
need to do is to select up the mobile your
activated for monitoring and press ##21# or
##002# and send, then it’ll be deactivated.
Any question or suggestion is welcomed.


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