How To Know A Fake Lover | Identify A Fake Lover

How to know a fake lover , identify a fake lover is a very easy thing to know in life , this might not be help to you but it can be helpful for your children or other people you want to council .
How to spot a fake lover is a cool thing to know atleast you can have a mind to help someone later in future , you might be in a good relationship while your friends are not or someone closer to you might not then you can try to help them fix it .

There are several ways to spot a fake lover , know a fake lover and identify them , it’s easy and twisting but be calm and follow up .
I’m going to list the signs we use in knowing a fake lover since decade , even our fathers taught us this and aside being taught , it’s something we know reason from our head .
Let’s roll…

1. How To Know A Fake Lover : LESS CALL

No matter how busy he or she might be , when they are real they will always call to check up . It’s just natural , when someone is truly a lover they tend to miss you so a fake lover don’t call !
We have seen many relationship that partners complain of not getting a call from their lovers , in my own aspect I see it as improper relationship , there is this feeling we all get when we are away from our lover which is called “missing” . Each time we miss our lover , the fastest way to get them is on phone or social media . So if a lover doesn’t call it shows they are fake lover .

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2. How To Know A Fake Lover : COMPLAIN ALWAYS

What do you think can make a lover always complain about you ? Definitely they ain’t in love fully , when someone love you for real no matter what you do they always find happiness beside you but when they complain to much always , they are fake lover .
They can probably ask you for something and each time you are unable to do it , they complain , they change , they get angry . A true lover doesn’t complain always because they feel they dont want to loose you so they tend to make you happy always .


3. How To Know A Fake Lover : THEY CHANGE YOU

Your friends and family will see change in you , your friends won’t enjoy you anymore like the way they used to , you will only be asked to focus on them (lover) and even you yourself won’t enjoy your lifestyle like before .

4. How To Know A Fake Lover : THEY CONTROL YOU

Most fake lovers will always want to control you , a real lover will always be happy at everything you do , a real lover doesn’t disturb your lifestyle , they follow your steps .

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5. How To Know A Fake Lover : THEY SEEM UNINTERESTED

Before a blink of argument , they are gone !
Any small issue they are gone , little fight they are already gone and you found yourself begging them always , they are fake .

6. How To Know A Fake Lover : EASILY GIVE UP ON YOU

They tend to easily give up on you always , they don’t really care deep down , they are still in your life due to some reasons known them either maybe there’s something they are getting from you and once that things stops , they move !

7. How To Know A Fake Lover : ALWAYS BUSY

Even some lovers will be beside and they will still get busy with their phone either on social media or on call , they won’t give you that chance to play with them . They are easy to know (fake lover) .

To be continue…

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