How Creating “How to” for Increasing Backlinks

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Here are some of the other ways of increasing backlinks for Bloggers.



51. Top lists, how-tos, guides

Creating this kind of content attracts links so why not to have a backlink there? This technique is similar to #44 and it requires using the exact match, allintitle, intitle, inurl search operators. When creating the list of prospects, think about your website’s authority too. You should provide a value for the outreached person.

Besides using the search operators, you can try tools such as BuzzSumo.


How Creating "How to" can Increasing Backlinks

52. Email signatures

How many emails do you send per month? Imagine only a few of the recipients click on the link under your name. You get a couple of clicks and it costs you nothing. Keep in mind that email signatures don’t positively affect SEO.


53. Internal Linking

It’s a must! Internal linking means you rule anchors and add links where you want to. If you do it regularly, it’s a matter of seconds. In case your website is full of content without internal links, you’ll spend a couple of days fixing it. Before doing so, I recommend reading the Essential guide to internal content link building by Julia McCoy.

My advice: Don’t add more than 2-3 links per article. Avoid using a plugin which automatically links particular words. It’s annoying and ruins UX.

One more tip: Identify your most-viewed pages so you know where to put specific links.


54. Breadcrumbs as a tool for increasing backlinks

Another internal link building tip is to use breadcrumbs. The site navigation is transparent thanks to them and you can optimize the anchor text distribution as well.


55. RSS feed as a means of increasing backlinks

You probably have it but in case you don’t, create one. Sooner or later, somebody will scrape your content. But if you place internal links in the content, you’ll earn a link.


56. Create a sitemap

This is one of the internal linking methods and it’s extremely useful. Search engines like sitemaps. Moreover, it’s good navigation for visitors. You can use one of the many WordPress plugins.


57. Broken link building

Identifying links leading to non-existing sites and linking them to your content can be a time-consuming but effective method. You can use search operators or various tools for this. This Ahrefs guide will help you with broken link building.

58. 404 errors

Check the Google Search Console if there are any. No one likes to land on 404 – Page not found.


59. Do you have robots.txt?

Review it whether there are any linked pages. Either contact webmasters of sites linking to them or consider allowing crawlers to index these pages.


How Creating "How to" for Increasing Backlinks 1

60. PBNs (Private Blog Network)

PBNs are other methods you can use for backlink building as well but you have to be very careful. These links should look as natural as possible. PBNs are websites to implement links to other websites (ones that generate money). It’s an expensive technique. You need to pay for a domain, hosting and set of blog posts.

It can be risky because Google bans PBNs from time to time. Think wisely. The costs of PBNs can be higher than income. That’s why I’d recommend reading the guide by Lion Zeal.


62. Create a free tool

Everyone loves free tools: free = buzz. That means it’s shared and likely to build a solid number of backlinks. So why not to create a free tool to use this potential of high website traffic and many backlinks for your own needs? You can link your other websites from it.

We did the same thing with RockingPage where we included links to our SEO tools.


Contribute to this link building checklist

What other link building techniques come to your mind? Share them in the comments below and we’ll update the post.

Just in case you are absolutely new to link building, you can check this beginner’s guide.



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