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How To Improve Your Intelligence


See how to improve your intelligence fast and talents on all things.
Intelligency is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skil
1. Exercise Always
Exercise works with brain , it sharpens the brain , it embrace the memory , it cools the thinking faculties and improve Intelligency.

2. Enough Sleep

This also improves the brain , it sharpens the health , embrace the thinking faculties and of all improves Intelligency.

3. Meditate

When you are alone , try and meditate , think deeply and create your own ideas , this will improve your Intelligency so fast and sharp.

4. Drink Coffee

Coffee was confirmed by the scientist that it helps a lot when it comes to Intelligency and thinking. Give it a try under one month and you will see your memory being sharped.

5. Play Games

Games are one of the major things that improves brain so fast , games have to do sense and memory , when you play games always , it tends to improve your intelligence

6. Relaxation

You don’t have to always stress yourself in everything , you need to calm always so as to think forwards and with this Intelligency is sure .

7. Happiness

When you are happy , you will think straight and everything will work in place , your brain becomes more sharpen and memory works straight and this will improve your intelligence .