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1, Resume contact with him or her
2, the second point is to send a nice and a short farewell letter this can be by email, or maybe a message on WhatsApp
3,surprise them with your new image…
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There is a message that you can send to that person who was once special, but today he has decided to distance you from his life. I already tell you that it is a strange message and in a few seconds you will see why. But it will provoke such a strong emotion inside it will inevitably not answer you. And not only that but draw a smile in your mouth when you see it.

But the most important will reactivate as if it were a trigger that flame of desire that person once had for you. And advanced that it is a message that does not contain not a single word, so grab your cell phone and type this. The only true journey of discovery It is not about finding new landscapes but about looking with new eyes. Marcelle Proust said. And maybe you find yourself in a situation where that person who has been special in your life with the one that you connected very strongly,

Today I don’t want you to be part of his life. Maybe that person wanted to break your relationship forever and the first thing I want to tell you is that you are not alone, I have been in that situation and I can understand you. And I can tell you that there is a way out and in this article you will see it, and the

Second thing I want to tell you is how much if you try to forget that person as if what you want is to return with him or her. The same process is the same for those two paths. How can this be possible that so much to forget that person so that I return to  you have to do exactly the same. Well, I will tell you that it is so and in a minute you will know why. And it is that if in today’s article I bring you a series of extremely powerful tips that they are going to allow that person to come back into your life. But not only that; but when I do you have become the perfect person to him or her and that together you can have that incredible relationship that you may never have ever had.
Both you and that special person will forget forever all the problems you had in the past. I ask you please that the most powerful strategies I’m only about to reveal to you Apply them if you really want to get back seriously with your ex-partner. And don’t use them to manipulate or hurt that person please, If I find out that the strategies that I am going to reveal to you in this article fall into the wrong hands I will not hesitate for a second to delete this content. Even though I am certain that it can help thousands of people. It is very important that you understand that the tips that are in this content are arranged, that is, you have to do them in order. You can’t do number five if you haven’t done the first four before.
That is why you should not miss a single second of this article. Because everything is a strategy thought and designed to bring that ex-partner back into your arms.
we start! When you realize there is nothing to get, The whole world belongs to you, said Lao Tsu. And I love to believe that we are only destined to achieve in life what we don’t mind losing. The things you own will possess you in the end; It was said in the fight club, and it is completely true.

1. So obviously the first step in getting your ex-partner back is to RESUME CONTACT WITH HIM OR HER.

But I’ll tell you one thing; there is only one way to do it, the rest are going to take you away, but there is only one secret way to do it. And it just so happens that it’s very counter intuitive, It seems to be the opposite. And this is the basic rule and perhaps one of the most important points of this article to get your ex partner back. The moment you have moved away from him or her, you must allow a minimum of three weeks before resuming that contact, preferably a month. No messages, no contact on social networks, without leaving thumbs up or likes on your photos, without publishing anything that refers to him or her in the photos you post on your Instagram. What you are going to achieve in this time of zero contact with him or her, is to create a key space and I tell you that this space is key because everything that I am going to reveal to you in this article will not work. Or at least it won’t work as effectively if you don’t previously create that zero contact space.
That space needs to be created for two reasons the first is to unlink the negative association That person does to us is worth. We are linked by a discomfort, because surely we have ended badly with tension in the relationship, and that space is necessary for it to untie itself in that image of ours to that feeling of negativity that is worth. It would be like when we went on vacation and after a month that we had already started to work or the school or the institute, we only remembered the good times of the holidays and we had forgotten the bad because it had been a while. And the second reason and even more key is that during that time as we are going to see, is going to allow you to create a lot of changes in your life that will enhance your attractiveness.

It is very important that during this period do not send text messages begging him to come back, nor harass you with calls continuously. Because that makes you look super needy and that’s very unattractive. The same thing happens, don’t send angry messages nor creating a bad vibration, because what makes you look like that he is also unstable at the same time. And that again is super unattractive. And is that during that period of three weeks or a month, You should completely avoid falling into the role of victim. Falling victim role is like that person who needs to be saved by someone, you don’t have to be saved by someone, you don’t have to be sorry you don’t have to beg anything let alone sew the other person to messages convincing him of or convincing her of the incredible which is having a relationship with you.
Because you lose all power and all attractiveness as I am telling you. Believing you do those super romantic actions like being all day sending him messages when I have left him. The only thing that you are doing and I tell you sincerely is to push that person further away. It must be the opposite of drama right now, and watch out because I’m not telling you May you be here, the happiest in the world. No; not; not. I’m telling you to be real and keep that pain to yourself right now, not to share it with your ex partner, but to share it if you have to share it with someone. With your family or friends, with them if you let off steam, and tell them everything you feel. But with your ex-partner, don’t pin him to messages on this line.  The next point and remember that this is a strategy aimed at getting it back for a long time you think otherwise.

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2. But the second point is to send a nice and a short farewell letter this can be by email, or maybe a message on WhatsApp, preferably it is written is worth.

And what you have to say here is basically something like this: -Mike or Sandra, or whatever your ex-partner’s name is. You can say something like, –
That you know that sharing this last year with you has been incredible. I remember a lot of moments that I will never forget and I wish you all the luck in the world, I wish you all the best because you deserve it. And you say goodbye ok, an email a short message to end the relationship and I’m going to tell you why you have to do this. To begin with even if it was the other person the one that has put the relation, when sending you this message, you imply, it seems that you are also ending and this supposes, subcommunicate something very powerful, acceptance of the situation on your part. Don’t worry in a minute i’ll tell you how are you going to get back in touch after these three weeks. Don’t worry in a minute i’ll tell you how are you going to get back in touch after these three weeks. But now immediately after you quit, you have to do this. And yes, you will be tempted to look at their social networks and you’re going to do it for sure, but please you have to respect this. Do not like your photos, neither comment anything, nor in your social networks post anything referencing how bad you are or referring to things that the other person I can see that you are still thinking about him or her.

There is only one exception where if you are going to speak with that person in this period and it is only if he or she writes to you first. In that case you are going to do it because not answering could sub communicate that you are angry or that you are not doing well. So the most important thing in the response to that message that he or she sends you in this period, it will be the emotion that you communicate. You will never communicate loneliness, despair or sadness in the response to that message, and yes instead you are going to communicate three key things. You will communicate novelty, humility and strength. Imagine that person asks you how about how you are, okay. The first thing obviously do not respond to the moment I mean, don’t be in a hurry to answer, let some time go by. And after a few hours if you feel like answering something like this: -Very good; Sorry the delay is that I just left a class of whatever is worth, and the truth that it has been a week a bit hard but I’m fine thanks for your interest. Okay, check out what you’re communicating here, the first thing is “I just got out of that class” or “I just did this other activity” “I just got back from I don’t know where” Okay, this sub communicates and this novelty sub communicates that you are rebuilding your life. The second sub communicates humility, “the truth is that it has been a hard week”. Are you being honest or sincere.

And the last sub communicates that you are fine, sub communicates strength, but I’m fine. See what contrasts is super important that if he or she Send you a message in this period, answer in this way. Very well, now imagine that those three weeks or a month have already passed. How do we resume contact in the correct way? There is a message that you can send to that person that one day was special but that today he has decided to distance you from his life He already told you that it is a strange message and in a few seconds you will see why. But it will provoke such a strong emotion inside that it will inevitably not answer you. And not only that but draw a smile on your mouth when you see it, but most importantly it will reactivate that flame of desire as a trigger that person one day had for you. And I advance that it is a message that does not contain a single word, so grab your cell phone and type this! You know once I heard a friend of mine something that shocked me powerfully and it is that a couple creates a world of their own that only they understand which is only understood from within.

We create our own language, our own jokes, our own moments. And precisely this message that you are going to send him now, after that period you will take advantage of that. Because yes, that message is going to be a simple photograph but a photograph that you are going to do of something of some element that means something between you. But be careful not to be overly sentimental, for example, don’t send him a photograph of the first place where you kissed, okay. It has to be something spontaneous, something fun, any joke you had, imagine that on television they put that movie that you liked so much or that so many made you laugh ok. Well send a photograph of that, of that moment from television is worth or whatever, is that you know better than anyone the jokes you have. Send him a picture of a very funny object in a conversation you had a while ago and you don’t even need to tell him anything. Or if you tell him something, make it very brief. Be clear about one thing here, you’re not asking no date, all you’re doing is to resume contact but nothing more. The context you are in is super important because it must seem spontaneous, something that Pam! It has occurred to you on a day to day basis. It shouldn’t seem like anything planned, think of something that makes that special person smile because you more than anyone know it super well ok. So it must be like I tell you something very brief, something very short, practically speechless a photograph would suffice, and super important You don’t have to ask him anything, okay. Send him that and there are no questions in this message. And what if he doesn’t answer you, if he doesn’t have an answer? Well, in the last points I think it is in the penultimate I will tell you exactly what you have to do, but for now, don’t stress or send messages every day, okay. Don’t do this, if he doesn’t reply to that message allow a minimum of two weeks to pass before doing something similar. Yes; however it does answer you, at point 9 i will tell you everything you have to do until stay with him or her.
But first let me reveal to you a lot of important points of what you have to do in your life during these three weeks. Build your confidence by creating an extraordinary life, take advantage of that moment of pause in your relationship to pick up old passions, to do new activities to find yourself. To charge you with strength, to worry about your life that maybe you had left a little aside because you were super dumped in the relationship. Take care of your body, travel do different things and be clear that there are two ways to recover from a breakup. The first is in rest mode, where you don’t leave your house you lock yourself watching series, you cry and you cry you leverage. And the second is the athlete or athlete mode What does an athlete or athlete do to recover? Well little by little he is training but he doesn’t shut himself up in that darkness, nor does he only rest, little by little he is doing things, It is coming to light, exercising slowly. And even if there is a period of rest because it is necessary to recover from any injury because this is something similar.

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You need at a certain moment to go out to get the sunlight, go out to shine. The first way you see darkness is sadness, the second way that of the athlete, is to go out and go out to shine. And if you need it here I am leaving you a content for you to visit at the end of this, where I’m sure that you’re going to start having ideas to build that extraordinary life visit him at the end of this article.

3. The next point is to surprise them with your new image and when will you surprise him once you find him or her that we will see next,

but before we will see what is this to surprise with your new image. It is super important that you incorporate small changes in yourself, that although you maintain your essence, you obviously continue to dress with your style. Incorporate small changes so that when you stay again and you will see the other person surprise him and say Wow I see it different this is super key. Maybe a little change of look, something in your clothes that he or she is not used to seeing you carry. And now we come to the

4. Next point that is your first date with your ex-partner.

And how did we get here? Well obviously after having resumed that contact, gradually has been talking over the days and the idea of ​​seeing you spontaneously has come up. And that’s what this is about because it’s not going to be a normal date It is going to be a short date, something that you will do in, for example on some break, of your work in that where you have that time to eat. There you can meet that person or just meet for a walk but it must be something natural something not planned and above all avoid that moment of sitting face to face. Also avoid places where you have visited in the past, because they can reopen some wounds. We want new places, fresh things, something you have not previously visited with him or her. Never in your house or in his, never at night and don’t drink or get drunk, super important. Mystery and distance is key in this first meeting and you must remain ambiguous or ambiguous. On what you want you must project the feeling of being a train in which he or she can get on, or can’t get on. But what is clear is one thing, you are a train that is moving that’s what it should project. At this point how to act on the super key date, because you have to project the right energy, You must project positivism without being overly positive. But what is clear is one thing, you should avoid drama, just like when you have a first date with someone you don’t know you are not going to talk about drama, obviously you don’t want to project the image of yourself, first thing someone you don’t know.

Well the same on this first date with your ex. Maybe you are looking for that conversation super emotional and dramatic to speak of you avoid that you have not been for that. Instead of those conversations reliving sad moments from the past, why not you talk about the new thing you are doing in your life, of all those novelties that you have made during that period of pause. I think it is super important because you are going to project something key to get back with someone, you’re going to project growth. And you will also do it in a very elegant way because it is something that has happened, you are talking about what you’ve been through in recent times. You are not talking about anything or raising issues artificially you’re just talking of what you have experienced in the last few weeks, but you are sub communicating growth in yourself. Don’t talk too much about your change, but let her or him notice it. And we got to my favorite point in the article, which is how to create that long-lasting desire in the couple.

I will tell you that I will develop this point in a new article if you want ok I have thought make a article of how to fall in love and create desire. If this content you are reading reaches the first 24 hours at 15,000 comments and I think we can get there, I will write that article and share it with you, so leave a thumbs up if you want that content. and I think we can get there, I will write that article and share it with you, so leave a thumbs up if you want that article. But I will also develop some basic points below. You know love seeks closeness, while desire needs distance and you know what, You know why it was so important that you make that moment of non-contact? Because now, precisely you are in a moment away is to say you’re in a moment perfect for the desire to reappear among you. When you’re in a relationship with someone one one of the most common risks is that you lose that I wish, why, because you are going to want something that you already have.
And now you are understanding why this is key here, because now you don’t have it or you don’t have it and that’s why now you play with an advantage over you from the past. The first secret you can do to regain that desire, is to become someone more spontaneous. For example, on that date suddenly Let your imagination run wild, don’t shut down to a programmed plan, don’t always go where before as I was saying, if you don’t turn the appointment course on any time, become spontaneous. Someone who is like in movie scenes, when you don’t know what’s going to happen and they suddenly turn the road and do something unexpected. Become that because that spontaneity is the key to desire, the key to attracting that that unpredictability, that out of the ordinary, that this person can surprise me at any At the moment that is super attractive. Meet new people in your life and be careful because this is not about making you jealous or jealous, because there are new people in your life No! This is about how the movies are incorporated new characters new people, novelty, not always the same people as always, meet new people.

The third secret is not to travel to emotions from the past who create drama, uses the information from the past that you know that person to provoke good times and not to travel to those negative feelings. And if they ask you if during that time you have been with someone who will ask you for sure ok. Answer in the most elegant way possible can say something like, because during this time yes there has been some circumstance where something could have happened with someone, but the truth is that it has not happened. See how elegant that is is communicating that there was interest that you’ve had opportunity to do it but you haven’t done it and above all and most importantly why I tell you this point. You don’t ask him or her, don’t return that question, you don’t care if he’s been with someone. Because you know what you’re doing without asking, you are generating the question in him or her Why don’t you ask me? I mean and although obviously you will not care but don’t throw it at him the question is going to be how Ah does not care I no longer have it, I can lose it! And that is really cool, that’s great that you provoke him or her. But most importantly, let it impress you again, let me tell you about the achievements that is getting and be glad for that, because you get your things in life. It is super important that you let yourself be surprised again and this connects with the mentality of growth you must have, you must have a mindset to be happy for your partner when life goes well. This is widely developed in nucleus, which is a free course of which I am leaving a link. Click because if it is not available it will be in a few days. And now that? you are at the end of that first date you go home, what to do. Well here what I tell you is that, please this first date that does not end in privacy. Do not go to bed on this first date, after having resumed contact. If he gets close to you, if he puts his arm over your shoulder, if he wants to shake your hand down the street.

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Let there be some space, tell him no, tell him without being reactive reactive that there is good vibes but make it clear that you want a space because it is super key. Don’t let this date end in a sexual encounter, This time it can’t happen, yes, on time say goodbye nothing happens if you let him enjoy more of your presence for a moment with a hug, It seems perfect to me, but that does not happen. Now his interest in you has returned and the thing must progress slowly. And after that first date he hopes it’s him Or she who resumes contact with you by phone.
You know you are in a very beautiful moment and that moment when you are creating a new life, it’s an excellent time and above all don’t be in a hurry where things have to happen too fast. For me this is something very key that I heard a sexologist that I love her name Esther Pérel -Your first relationship has ended, you decide if you start the second. And this brings me to the

Next point, What happens if in no time he or she answers you to those messages where you try to resume contact? Well here I am going to tell you one thing look, if this happens you are sub communicating very clearly who does not want to be in your life and your mission is only surround yourself with people for whom you are a priority, for those who treat you as you deserve. And if you never ever reply to those messages where you’re not even wondering anything but in a way very elegant you are trying to get back in touch because you have to move forward, it’s super important only Surround yourself with people who treat you the way you deserve. But don’t worry, don’t worry, because you remember at first that I told you how much if you wanted to forget someone like you wanted to get them back the path was exactly the same.
Well, you have reached the most powerful point in the article. Because yes, the ends touch, you guessed it and during all this time you will have worked so much in you you will have taken care of retaking those passions, you will have worried about improving you as a person during all this time. If that person doesn’t want to know anything about you, you have worked in you, and you have already improved as a person, you have grown. And you know what happens when you grow up and I’ll tell you because it happened to me, what happens to you is something brutal, it is something incredible, is that you see that people who have rejected you who have told you, I don’t want you to be part of my life. When you have grown up to those people suddenly There comes a day that you do not want them to be part of your life. Because and it may seem strange to you but it is, you have worried so much about growing up during that time to build such an incredible life, that someone who rejected you at the time happens to be someone from your past someone who, who are you now and maybe it doesn’t even fit you in your life.

And I’m telling you because it happened to me! There has been a certain moment, that someone has rejected me It has made me I do not want that your form is part of my life. And what I have done has been precisely this, I have applied everything I have told you here, I have grown as a person, I have read a lot, I have changed my body. And there comes a time when that person who rejected you is that you do not even like it, and that is brutal and I like to make a metaphor of the rocket ok. What is next, imagine that you are on a train and you walk past someone’s door okay, your train stops at that door and you tell it to get on, that person says no and the only thing that person has left is to see how that train continues to move towards the horizon in an incredible way. It won’t stop in front of that door again keep it in mind because it is your train, the train of an extraordinary life, and I tell you so because I really am sorry. And you know what? and this metaphor that has explained in a course but I want to share it here with you.
That train that is your train, is not a train actually that train is going to go away on the horizon and you are going to become an airplane. Because your destiny is to build a brutal and incredible life, and whoever wants to go up perfect and that person from home, from the door of your house. Going to see how you transform into a plane that goes up towards the horizon you become a rocket and you become a star that shines on the horizon. And do you know what awaits you? see that person who one day rejected you, who said no Do you know what awaits him? waits for you to see how you inevitably shine in heaven forever. And well guys up to here this intense article of secrets of life, leave a good thumb up, if you liked this leaving here a link to Core that will be available in the next days. When you see this article it may already be available click and agree because it is a brutal course personal development and it’s completely free,  see you later!

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