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How To Get Rid Of Suspicion: 5 Steps to Get Rid Of Suspicion


The modern rhythm makes a mark on every person. In pursuit of career growth, good income and other benefits of civilization, we completely forget health. Regular exposure to negativity, stressful situations, insomnia is the cause of many ailments. Over time, suspicion arises, which is accompanied by fear, low self-esteem, fears. In order not to go into a psychological well, one must urgently get rid of such syndromes.

How to get rid of suspicion

What is suspicion

A vain person is someone who is regularly exposed to serious fears about and without him. A person with this syndrome is constantly in fear that something bad will happen soon.
Vulnerability is accompanied by huge negative thoughts. Besides them, positive glimpses do not pass on the head. The person is so tired that he literally moves on the handle.
That is why absurd situations arise where even a small pimple looks like a complete catastrophe. Questionable people are too sensitive, fearful and notorious because of their character.

What is dangerous suspicion

Each person is suspicious in their own way. But for some, the situation is not at a critical point, while others are already completely stuck in their fears. Why does suspicion appear?
As mentioned earlier, the defendant constantly thinks of the negative and his insolvency. Soon such thoughts develop into a sense of doom, which is reflected in all life.
The patient begins to have problems with interpersonal communication, because the feeling of uncertainty becomes stronger every day. A person begins to worry about his health, relationships with family, friends and the second half, career.
This stress is not everyone can survive. Often suspicion leads to isolation, loss of friends and little communication.
Vulnerability can manifest itself in all people, regardless of gender, race or age group. She has also been affected by children and adults, men and women.
When the suspicious condition develops rapidly and is not treated, the person becomes touchy, emotional and prone to even minor problems. Zakompleksovannost appears, the feeling of fear and fear never disappears. People with this syndrome mistakenly believe that everyone around them wants to harm them.
Usually suspicion appears in childhood, when the child did not receive the proper education. The reason may also be the life difficulties and hardships that had to be addressed earlier. Often the syndrome occurs due to existing mental disorders.
If a suspicious person does not want to deal with this condition, the syndrome develops into a full-fledged disease. Launched cases lead to persecution and paranoia, which undermines physical and psychological health.

How to get rid of bad thoughts

1,  Recognize there’s a problem.

First of all, you need to understand what the problem really is. You’re a suspicious person. Then analyze your own behavior. To this end, you answer the following questions:
Do you find a hidden meaning everywhere?
Often it seems that people are trying to cheat you?
Every now and then a lover suspects in high treason?
Approach the victories of your friends and strangers?
Unable to forgive even minor insults?
Do you feel like you’re an insecure person?
After receiving the answers, contact loved ones. Do they count? If so, then the problem is really big, it is necessary to solve it.
Many people mistakenly believe that suspicious situations are similar to depression, phobia, panic attacks, side effects of medications, bipolar disorders. Don’t confuse these concepts.
If you are already visiting a psychologist about any of these problems, tell him about the constant anxiety and negative thoughts, as well as your suspicion. Don’t be shy.

2, Keep a diary

Make it a habit to write everything you care about in the diary. Even if it looks like it’s a little. It is important to take note not only of fears or experiences, but also of your actions with emotions at that time.
Repeat the written once or twice a day, sum up. Analyze what’s happening, maybe you’re too dramatized. Constant analysis will make it clear that the experience is unfounded.
Apply the above recommendations every day, because practice is an excellent psychologist. So you make thinking rational, logical, to match situations. Over time, your fears are eliminated and you don’t stop.

3, Change your attitude towards people

First, you have to understand why there’s no trust in people. Pick up your feelings, grab a notebook, take notes every time someone humiliates you, insults you, betrays you.
Look for causes of behavior. In this way you quickly come to your senses and become aware of what caused such emotions.
Try to look at others from the other side. It’s important to understand that they exist with you in almost identical circumstances. Always put yourself in the place of another person to see life with other people’s eyes.
If someone has insulted you for unconscious reasons, try to understand them. You should not focus on small situations, it is easier to observe the mistakes of others.
Stop thinking that every person you meet is harmful. Learn to trust others and yourself. If you scare people away because of your suspicion, distrust and suspicion, you will be left alone. The vicious circle must be broken.

4, Laugh face fear

Look for humor in everyday things. Master irony, mocking friends and family. At first it seems that everything is difficult, but in fact much easier.
If you have already started a diary, write down your experiences, fears on one occasion or another, unfounded fears (which seem to you a real catastrophe).
Relive the notes every night to get used to such things more quickly. After a certain period of time there will be no trace of fear, they will be slow. But disappear for sure.
If you have fears, look them in the face. Try not to hide behind other thoughts or do anything else. For example, people who are afraid to swim should regularly visit the pool, the sea and other swimming sources.

5, Stay positive

Gradually moving away from negative thoughts, trying to focus on good things. Think about yourself and your surroundings in a positive way. Do not allow even a small thought to flash, if it is expressed negatively in relation to your own ‘I’.
Highlight your positive properties, write them on a sheet of paper and hang them on the fridge. Add to the list every day. Identify strengths that can help you win in certain situations.
Never put yourself in a negative light, even if it’s said in a joke. Otherwise, you will not be able to get rid of the suspicion and uncertainty that it entails.
how to get rid of obsessive thoughts in my head

Some more tips…

Stay healthy and always with everything.
Develop logical thinking that allows you to stay calm, regardless of the situation.
If there’s no reason, don’t make incriminating assumptions.
Don’t project past mistakes onto the present and future.
If you have had a failure in your career (personal relationships, friendship, etc.), you should not transfer this drama to the present life. Learn to let go of the past, to become a wise man who is not heavily burdened.
Stop thinking about the bad.
In most cases, people are not interested in your person, existing problems and other aspects of life.
Nobody cares.
So stop thinking they’re trying to annoy you.
Find a hobby that will take up all your free time.
When a person is busy with business, while communicating with different people, his uncertainty disappears.

How to get rid of negative thoughts

Even if you don’t consider yourself suspicious people, and there are no people around you, there are still negative thoughts. They are peculiar to each person. Negatively spoils the mood and life in general, makes it difficult to focus on the most important, so you have to get rid of it.
Once a bad thought sneaks in, cut it off and throw it out of your head. Replace empty space with pleasant memories or joyful events. Don’t argue, don’t analyze, cut off the thought forever.
There is another technique – to step aside. When an obsessive idea that disrupts life comes to you, like you’re pushing it away and looking at it from the side. Don’t let the bad guy catch you.
Some psychologists advise their patients to exaggerate the negative thought that has come to an absurd state. Your job is to make the idea funny, unreal.


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