How To Gain Weight Fast In Nigeria | Easiest Ways To Gain Weight

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Gain weight fast in a healthy way

Hi, I’m Harry Cneez, and today I want to talk to you about diet for weight gain. While many people today worry about losing a few extra kilos there others that are talked about much less than they seek just the opposite. I mean, they want gain weight in order to be healthier and to feel more comfortable with themselves.

People with a slim build are usually people who have an expense higher energy than usual. But not always genetics is to blame and underweight may be linked to bad habits food, such as not eating more than two or three times a day or go to bed without dinner in the days when one is tired. In addition, people with low weight usually be nervous people and that before moments of stress it costs you to eat because it makes you a knot in the stomach or lack of appetite. On many occasions, when you try to win weight, you turn to unhealthy foods like pastries, fast food or fried foods.
This is negative for two Reasons:
The first, these products can take away your hunger and you will stop doing other more suitable meals; and the second: have note that being thin is not synonymous of being healthy and eating this type of products you can end up developing diseases like high cholesterol.

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To gain weight in a healthy way you must consume more calories than you spend, carrying out a varied diet. This means eat fruits and vegetables that weigh to contribute few calories, they are rich in nutrients essential for your body. Essential foods that will help you gain weight in a healthy way are cereals and carbohydrate-rich foods like bread, pasta, rice or legumes.

Further, consume between hours snacks and nuts, will help you increase your calories diet. To increase fat, you must consuming healthy fats like olive oil or nuts. And you shouldn’t never forget to put carbohydrate rich foods in all your meals. Increase the amounts you currently eat progressively, in this way you will achieve gain weight without giving up on the road.

The same goes for people who are not used to breakfast. We frequently we meet in consultation with people who They say they are not hungry as soon as they get up. You must work the habit of having breakfast, it begins for a small amount and you are increasing it, in this way, little by little your body will get used to it to eat at that time and you will end up noticing hunger upon awakening.

It is also suitable to make several meals up to date. You must eat between five or six times to distribute the calories during the day and not having to make big meals. Therefore, the ideal is to make a breakfast, a meal, a dinner and two snacks. Even it is appropriate that you do a light recipe like drink a glass of milk before going to sleep. This will help you rest and bring you some necessary extra calories. Another trick you can use is to increase the caloric value of your dishes and your foods.

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For starters avoid filling your stomach with dishes or drinks with few nutrients like broths or teas, or salads and vegetables in large quantity. This would reduce your appetite to eat foods that give you more calories. The trick is to increase your calories dishes without increasing their volume. For example, if you make a vegetable cream you can add a good jet of olive; you can add some nuts to your salads, and if you cook a fish you can put some sauce on it. You can make unique dishes for those moments where the nerves close your stomach. So you will only see a plate and mentally you It will look like less food.

While you do this type of diet you can exercise but try to avoid aerobic exercises that will increase your spending even more calorie and focus especially on exercises toning that can help you go up your muscle mass. It is also important that you take the taste for food since it doesn’t have to be a punishment imposed to gain weight.


You need to find ways to vary your food so as not to fall into boredom and that you have options of easy dishes and fast for those moments when you have little time or desire to cook. Food it’s a pleasure and that’s what you have to perceive a person who does a diet of both loss as weight gain. Finally, think that the end goal it’s not that you diet and then come back to your habits before but with diet you do to gain weight, you must incorporate new habits in your day to day like eating several times a day and look for strategies to face those moments that can lead to eventual weight loss. The work of the dietitian-nutritionist in a weight gain diet will help you plan a healthy diet adapting to your schedules and tastes.

Further, It will give you ideas so that your diet is varied and pleasant and above all to improve your diet in those moments of weakness in which you want to eat little. And remember, eating well improves your health.

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