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How to Gain Weight Fast In Nigeria | Healthy | Easy Way


See how to gain weight fast in Nigeria
Having a tough situation about gaining more weight is Nigeria is becoming alarming. Most people who are overweight keeps searching the internet every day by day to find out how to lose weight every means , so does to those who wants to gain weight too .
This two happens to people that once in their life time but in this article , I will teach you how to gain more fast in an healthy way and easy way . Let’s roll
There are two types of weight gain , having flesh in your skin and gaining muscle . This two depends on which one you feel you need .

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These are questions mostly Nigerians ask just to gain weight

Disclaimer : This article is written
with the experience have had when
it comes to weight gain . It’s not
gotten from any medical experts but
I believe it will help you a lot

Some people will tell you to keep eating as much as possible and this might lead to eating disorder , while some will even tell you to start taking drugs to gain weight . All these are not healthy enough .
Now let see How to Gain Weight Fast In Nigeria | Healthy | Easy Way

1. How to Gain Weight Fast : Always Happy

I know you are surprise , yes ! Be happy always , give yourself that always laughing hard attitude , I bet you along with what am goin to lost below will gain weight in no time . It works like magic , being happy has lot of things to do in our health , when you are happy all intake you took in will work as you want , even all the foods you eat will do their various works in your health .

2. How to Gain Weight Fast : Reduce Drugs

I never exception any drugs , just reduce intake of drugs fully , so many people keep taking drugs just to gain weight and this keeps storing in their system and this might cause something else at later in the future if not now . Taking drugs to gain weight has never been proven anywhere , most of these drugs in store will cause you to gain unhealthy weight within short period of time and you will still go back to your normal stature . So there’s no point of taking drugs to gain weight.

3. How to Gain Weight Fast : Exercise

This is recommended for both who wants to gain weight or lose weight , the major reason for Exercise is to balance your body system so that anything you take in will work as you expect . Some people eat like hell but still find it hard to gain weight because they don’t exercise their body system .

4. How to Gain Weight Fast : Eat Early

I didn’t say at night , I said eat early . Don’t wait till you get hungry completely before you get what to eat , someone like me am this lazy type that don’t eat early , am always busy one way or the other . I can stay online being hungry and still keep chatting without eating just because am lazy and this thing will not encouraging body weight gain . So one of the best way to gain weight is to eat at the normal time .

5. How to Gain Weight Fast : Eat Sugary Food

Try take in things that has lot of sugars into your body system , you can as well take beer once in a while and not all time but please make sure you are more than 18 to take that .
Sugary foods will supply strength and vitamin into your body and this has a long way to go when it comes to weight gain .

6. How to Gain Weight Fast : Protein Shakes

In the store , we have over thousands of protein shakes maybe powder form or liquid , they are very good when it comes to weight gain, they will supply lot of protein that will boost your veins and make it larger when you take them . They usually works along with exercise anyways so it’s also recommended .
What have just listed above works with someone who want to gain weight in a natural way . Mind you , there are some people who their weight is hereditary ,I mean naturally slim whereby after doing all these listed above , they seems to see no result . I recommend they leave theirself like that and always feel happy about body