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Hi, this is mat here and in this articles I will give you five tips to improve your appearance.

By improving I mean how do you get a more charming look, how do you get one friendlier appearance?

How do you get a more attractive appearance and a confident appearance. It’s just, how do you ensure that you can present yourself better in terms of appearance.

Well, in this article I’ll give you five simple tips for doing that.

They are actually small hacks, small tricks that you can use immediately on the next time that you have a job interview or that you are at a party, that you immediately and who ensure that people actually think you are nicer and more charismatic. Without having to change very big things.

So, let’s start with the first.

1 The First Is Laughing

Yes laugh! It works like magic , dare to laugh a lot, dare to laugh broadly. Dare to laugh and make a sound at the same time. People who laugh come across as much more accessible, much more sympathetic.

It’s kind of a human variant of the white flag too. So imagine you are at a party and you are the person who smiles then will be much faster someone will think, hey that’s a nice person to be around and I want that maybe even enter into a conversation.

Simply because people who are happy, it just works very attractive, that is quite infectious. Everyone wants to be around people who are happy and everyone wants to stay away from people who are depressed.

So, smile a lot, smile widely, that always helps.

2. Make Eye Contact With People.

Dare to make eye contact the moment you talk to someone.People who make eye contact appear much more sincere and much more confident much stronger. And I don’t mean by eye contact, because that is actually the case in all studies they do about this, they say okay, there is some kind of over-boundary. Because if you constantly stare at someone like that while you are talking to them, it is not pleasant.


That also seems very unnatural and insincere. What you actually do- You are talking and the moment that person is against it you talk then you look at that person because you show that you listen. And the moment you speak yourself, you can look away for a while or whatever. But occasionally keep making eye contact with someone every now and then.
Hold it just a little longer, you know, the moment it becomes uncomfortable for you feels. It makes you feel like, now it’s a little too long. Well, then you let it go again. And then you look it up again.

And you automatically come across as much more confident.

3 Take up your space.

People who are confident who dare to take their space when they are in a room. They are talking.

And make gestures when you’re on a call, just stand in one spot, stop yourself not away in a corner. Show yourself. Keep your back a little bit hollow. Just take up your space when you talk to people. That makes a huge difference in the way you come across. Whether someone is facing you like that, says, okay, I have something very important to to tell tell you. Or someone is standing in front of you like that and says, hold on, okay I have something important to say.

The first person who gets much less attention, gets taken less seriously less respect. While the second person thinks everyone, wait, now we have to listen.

4 Dropping silences.

When people are insecure, they tend to start talking very quickly. And a lot of talking. Purely because they are afraid that what they say is not so interesting.
That other people lose attention if they don’t quickly throw out all the information. And that’s something you automatically do when you’re nervous.

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Then you start talking quickly, you don’t dare to drop silences and you want so much possibly say. While someone who, if you tell a story, can do that at any time, then so we arrived there at that party and you never guess what happened at the time.
I then look around and it is precisely that silence, that is the moment when people wander, then they look at once again. For my work I often have to stand in front of large groups of people, I have to stand in front of large ones groups of people speak. And it is always the case when I notice that the attention drops a little bit in the room then I’m just silent.

Two, three seconds and immediately I immediately get all the attention again because people do then wandering thinking hey, what happens.
And they have the focus again. So people who have the guts to drop silences they actually say: I expect that people listen to me. And it’s okay if I drop a silence.
As a result, they come across much more confident about what they have to say and therefore listen people much more towards you. It’s a very simple way to keep your attention with you longer likes.
Whether it is that you are talking to your girlfriend or whether it is that you are with a stranger man are talking or during a presentation. It is always a handy trick.

5 Touch people.

A small touch in a conversation with someone, whether it be that you put your hand on your shoulder or whether you tap someone. It only has to be a very small touch. It can make a huge difference.

Because only very confident people actually dare to touch other people in one Conversation. And by touch I do not mean that you hang right around the neck with every one man you meet or that you are over-pawing. No, just what I mean is during the conversation, when there is a high point Is whether you should laugh at something.
Or that you say, you are telling a story and you say, you never guess happened to me. Or I was shocked.

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At a peak, at a functional moment, you touch someone. That makes a very big difference. And it is also every study they do about this, whether it is that they have people assessed afterwards how capable a professor is or whether they look after how much tip a waitress gets.

If that person touches another person, you will see that she is that other person always like it better.

So that the waitress gets more tip. That they think the professor is smarter if he briefly taps his student at the moment
that he wants to say something. That makes such a big difference because daring to touch someone is actually something very rare is. And it is also becoming increasingly rare. You notice that people sit on the bus in such a way that they do not touch each other.
Everyone is actually trying to avoid that a little bit.
And if you are the person who can break through that barrier, you will become more attractive, smarter and friendlier about it.
In any way, it is much better to just do those touches.

Well these are five simple tricks to improve your appearance.

I wrote an article with a total of seven tricks.

So there are two other tricks.

I don’t tell you what those two others are in this articles

But if you’re curious about it and you think, I want to get started with that look, Comment on this post to show your seriousness and I’ll drop the remaining two .

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