How To Earn Money From Article Writing

How to earn money from article writing is one of the questions people are asking online and this is a simple method to generate fast and instant money with less stress .

What Is Article Writing

Article Writing according to the name article writing meaning writing of articles to earn money . There are lot of companies , bloggers , newscasters and many other people who needs article writers , they are ready to pay as long as you are available to write for them .

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What Do I Need To Start Articles Writing Work

All you need is your gadget ,it may be laptop or tab as long as if favours you to type well .

How Do I Get The Jobs ?

You can connect with companies online , connect with bloggers on forum and social media , just publish yourself and see , you will definitely get lot of clients who will disturb you for the job .

How Much Can I Earn From Article Writing

This depends of how standard your articles are and how fast you are . If you are the type that can write as many as possible in a day , you can certainly earn 100,000 naira in just one day . Each article can earn you 2,000 now imagine writing 50 per day .

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How Many Types Of Articles Do We Have

We majorly have three(3) types when it comes to articles writing , primary , secondary and standard articles .
Primary articles are articles with simple English and not long.
Secondary articles are in between while advance are articles with standard grammar and a long one which tells everything about that you are writing .

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