How To Earn By Surfing The Net (by nairavilla)

You have  been browsing and surfing the web for years now wasting your data without getting anything in turn, today I am going to show you a browser that will pay you to surf the web, browse, download media etc.
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Cryptotab Review : How can you earn profit with cryptotab browser ?
Ever heard of mcent browser?
Well, there is a new browser just like mcent browser but unlike mcent browser where you earn airtime cryptotab browser does not offer airtime but Bitcoin (BTC). Some of us know about mcent and even earned from it the last time it was launched until the offer was revoked. Today, I am going to tell us about cryptotab browser and how to earn from it.

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What is cryptotab browser and what does cryptotab browser do?

Cryptotab browser is a browser that helps you mine as you surf the net using the browser,you also earn by shortening links and affiliate programs..
In the end,upon completion of registration, activating the mining tab and affiliate program you earn Bitcoin which can be converted into cash at the end of the day.
Since it is mining and you are not investing anything in it rather than your time why not run it?

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How to activate your browser to automatically mine on cryptotab browser?

For you to activate your cryptotab browser to automatically mine bitcoins,you have to follow the below procedures:

– you have to download cryptotab browser using this link tap here to join crypto browser
After downloading the app, launch the app
On the bottom left drop-down menu you will see the cryptotab icon
click on the icon to get redirected to the page where you will activate it
click on activate mining and you are done.


Don’t forget to click on the link below point down to join and earn!!

tap here to join crypto browser

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