How To Do Away With Cultism In School

How to do away with cultism in school has been a question many people ask every time on internet , most especially the guys due to what they have heard about cultism . You already got the admission into the university , you and your family are so happy that al last you will be in the school premises soon , you already planned how you are going to live the school life with enjoyment. But there is something bothering you about this school life of a thing , that is “The cultist” . We all know cultism in most universities now a days are secretive and that why we see them as secret cult . Not all cultism are bad , there are some that are not secretive but believe me 90% of them this days are the evil ones . You have taught about it several times and you still get confused , scared and not happy . You told your parent about it , all they did was to pray for you buy your mind still not at rest . Relax dear , am going to give you some ideas on how to live your school life in peace and happiness with no cultism disturbance . The first thing you need to do is to understand what cult is


These are group of people who decide to come together and create a unique identity for themselves to carry out some activities together . They are mostly seen in the society , street , school and many other places . They are called cultists . Most cultists now a days are seen as evil people due to thier activities . cultism was formed back days but we are not here to talk about that now , the exact thing we are talking about here is how to do away with cultism . Maybe good or bad cult , you really wish not to come across any of them , you want to school in peace and happiness. The first thing you will do is

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If you strongly wish to do away with them , the first thing you should do is to be devoted to God . Let them know you often pray ( even though you don’t ) . Your dressing , speaking , walking and every other activities you might think about must be Godly , in as much as you stay in the campus , you must be Godly . Cultist find it hard to meet people who are totally Godly , they are humans , they also have the fear of God (not all) , they believe when you are Godly then you wont have time to have fun . Another thing is


I mean having the mind of being the HEAD OF CLASS (HOC) or other positions that might create your presence awareness should be avoided . If you really want to do away with cultism , then do away with having positions in schools . Positions will only make you popular and this can create awareness for the cultist that you exist which is really not good .

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So people hate quietness , they want to show that they are part of the students , they involve thier self in every activities going on in the school and the truth is cultist really observe people before coming across with them . When they notice you are the noisy type , they find thier way to your side . Be quiet and gentle , focus and think well .


Do away with social lifestyle like taking alcohol , arguing about artists , betting and some other things that might make you look like a tout . You and I know most cultists are tout from the street . When they notice you argue a lots or you do betting , they will count you as someone who would understand them and they might come to you and ask you to join them .


Maybe you need a help from a particular lecturer and all what you need to do is to meet him or her . You can meet any lecturer but don”t get too close to them by meeting them everytime , some of the lecturers are also a cult member . Nobody will understand them until you get close to them . Getting much close to them will bring relationship between you and the lecturer and once you notice the lecturer is a cult member , you might find it hard to step back from the closeness .


When you notice some of them are around you , .maybe where you are reading . Relax yourself , don’t panic , be confidential . With these they will not bother coming to your side to involve you because they will notice your attitude towards fear. They believe once you panic , then something is running through your mind , they might come to challenge you, beat you up to get some token from you or extort some other things from you .



There are some irrelevance activities most student does after class , instead of going back to the hostel , they rather stay back to have fun with themselves. This is the time most cultists walk around to see what is happening in school and if you are the type that stays behind after class , they might one day notice you . Go home or hostel and do other relevant things . Do this little things you read and see how it going to work like a magic . The guys are mostly the ones who are really scared of this cultist of a thing . We all know they are dangerous , they fights brutally and cause some damages , they are not scared of anyone , they mislead people and they can kill people’s dream .

I think with these points, it should boost the confidence in you , and if there are other questions you want to ask , COMMENT or CONTACT US, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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