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How to cure diabetes with natural cures


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is reflected in the appearance of abnormal amounts of glucose in the blood as a result of the resistance of blood cells to insulin, or as a result of the small amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas.
There are two conditions that can be caused by diabetes mellitus, hyperglycemia (high glucose) and hypoglycemia (low glucose).

Signs of the disease

1-Abdominal pain
2-Slow and deep breathing
3-Presence of ketones in blood and urine

What should you consume?

1. Tea. Chemicals known as phoniphenols found in green, black, increase insulin activity.
2. Cinnamon. Less than half a teaspoon a day increases sugar metabolism in healthy cells.
3. Cherries. Cherries contain chemicals called “anthocyanins” that increase insulin production.
4. Gujava. Guava apple extracts lower blood sugar.
5. Cocoa. Decreases insulin resistance.


1-Patients with diabetes should control their weight
2-Should limit refined sugars
3-Need to increase the amount of fiber in the diet
4-Fats should be oils with 1 double bond (such as olive oil)
5-They should add nuts to their diet
6-Almonds are also effective