How to buy a good portable charger for your phone

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve invested quite a lot of money on phone chargers most of which have not been good portable chargers. After buying at least four different chargers in a year, the fifth one turned out to be a good portable charger. These are some tips I found useful in searching for a good portable charger for your phone;
 Contrary to popular opinions, I have found out that a good portable charger is not always equal to a lot of money. You can always find a good portable charger within your budget. I bought my fifth charger at a price I wouldn’t have thought would see me through my search. But it’s been 14 months and counting now.Just make sure it’s not too low anyway,even you wouldn’t be happy with yourself.
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Always go to a verified accessories outlet
Most times,it’s helpful to go to brand outlets in search of a good portable charger. For example, if your phone is a Samsung product,it will be helpful to visit a Samsung outlet in search of a good portable charger. At the same time,if you have more than one friend with the same dealer on phone accessories and he/she has been reliable with giving them genuine products,then it will be helpful to patronise them. After all, isn’t the authenticity of a product always verified by multiple good reviews?
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Now that you’ve found a verified outlet to shop for your phone charger,be sure that the charger is compatible with your device. Consider factors like the amperage of the charger as this will determine how fast your phone charges. A higher amperage is equal to a fast charge. However,you need to consider your  mobile device as incompatibility can cause your device to burn out. If the phone specifications are for a certain amp reading (a lot of mobile phones work with 1Amp. However,a 2A charger will charge faster,you get?),it will be helpful to buy a good portable charger with that reading. It would be safe to go up to 2Amp. I would advise against any reading higher, unless of course you have extra cash stashed up somewhere to buy a new battery when your device burns out. So, always go for a charger with an input voltage reading of output voltage reading of 5V DC, and an output current reading of 5V-2A.
Low Heating
A good portable charger should not heat up after a while. Some outlets will let you test run the charger before taking it home. Just ask for a spot to charge your phone briefly,they will oblige. It will be helpful to observe if the charger heats up during charge. If it does, there’s your clue.
Finally,cross your fingers and hope that you made a right choice with your money. Doing this together with the above tips is definitely your best bet in buying a good portable charger for your phone.
Good luck!

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