How To Become President Of Nigeria | Tips To Successful Become The President Of Nigeria

How To Become President Of Nigeria

Have always been attending to this particular question on how to become president of Nigeria This is a great question but mostly asked from children . I remembered when I was young too , had always wondering how to get to that sit of president, I asked lots of questions from people including my teachers and lectures in school , fine they gave me answers but those answers didn’t get to my requirements .
Each time I ask people how to become president of Nigeria , they take it lightly and not explain well to me until I got to this stage then I now have to make research about It.

Now the first thing I want you to know is that “to become president of Nigeria is not hard” . My words looks encouraging right ? that’s the truth but remember before I could say it’s easy you should know it entails somethings you need to do and engage in .

I will list the steps in becoming the president of Nigeria .
Nigeria happens to be a country where it consists of people with connection. Don get me wrong o ,when I day connection, that doesn’t mean you cannot be the president without having connection, you can definitely become the president of Nigeria if you know what you are doing .

I will list things you need to know before becoming president of Nigeria .

1. Wisdom

To become president of Nigeria , You need to be extremely wise !
(I laugh) , when I mean extremely wise, you need brain , you need sense , you need to be fully smart in everything , you need to be wise when doing things, you need to get things faster than an ordinary human . Having wisdom have lot if things to do in this case .
We all know Nigeria is a country full of wiser people so therefore you need to supersede them when it’s comes to wisdom .

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2. Real Self

To become president of Nigeria , you need to be your real self . Most Nigerians do lot of mistakes when it comes to self . Let me explain , there are lot of registration someone would have always been doing from childhood like school registration and some other registrations . Don’t make the mistake of faking any documents when registering anything in your entire lifestyle . Be real , be cool and straight forward if not , this can affect you ,I will tell you how it will affect you, let’s keep rolling .

3. Free From Crime

To become the president of Nigeria , you need to be free from crime , although we have had lot of criminals becoming president of some countries but it’s not legal , If you want to become president of Nigeria and you want this to be certain for you , then you need to b free from crimes and other things that will bring excuses when screening you. When I mean screening , you should understand what am saying , that you won’t be the only contestant contesting for the position hope you know ?

4. Be A Cheerful Giver

To become the president of Nigeria, you need to be a cheerful giver , let me break it down . You must be this type of people that gives a lot , not a stingy person , this have lots of reasons when it come to voting for you , you would understand what i mean by cheerful giver . So becoming a cheerful giver would make people love you naturally and see you as someone who is worth becoming president of Nigeria .

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5. Easy Going

You can’t be a thug and expect likeness from people , people believe thugs are this violent person , an to rule a whole country you must be easy going person and not a thug .

6. Understand English

In Nigeria , English is the general accepted language which happens to be an official language so to become president of Nigeria , Nigeria consist lot of tribes so you need to be fluent in English language . Atleast as a president , you would at times speak to the congregation , even starting from campaign you would start speaking to the crowd and it must be in English for better understanding . So understanding English language is important.


After getting all these things done and you are sure you’ve passed all these 6 steps . Now let’s move to the next stage of becoming president of Nigeria


You need to join any party of your choice in Nigeria , if I should advice , I would suggest you go for some popular parties , there are lotsits of them outside there . Now you have to calm down with them after joining them , you can’t join today and expect them to make you their contestant ,No. Not done that way , just chill and play along .

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Attend the party meeting always and carry yourself along with them .



You need to be extremely nice to party members and people generally, let them know your really care , the more nice you are the more fans you get . Mind you , enemies would surely be too so get yourself prepare for the journey.
When party members already like you , you’ve gotten 70% that they will choose you for the primary election (that is they will choose you to stand for them to be the president.


You really need someone who will sponsor you in a very strong way. It is most important to have someone that will sponsor you If you want to be the president of Nigeria because you will do campaign and some other things needed. Let’s roll on


When getting to this particular stage, I know you will wonder why I said you should be friendly with other contestants. Yes ! The reason is to have a free and fair election . And even when oppositor likes you , there is tendency that you might possibly win the election. Yeah it works like magix.

The next one is number 5 which happens to be


In everything we do, there is always Grace of God in it else it might not work out.

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