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How To Become a Nollywood Actor or Actress | Starting Acting Career


Become Nollywood It is obvious that quite a number of young Nigerians are currently looking for how to join Nollywood or how to become actresses / actors in Nollywood.
Scammers and suitors are equally aware of this fact and are constantly on the prowl trying to take advantage of these innocent career seekers both online and offline. Quite a few ladies have been raped and destroyed in the process of searching for any possible means to enter the glamor of the Nigerian film and entertainment industry. In this article, I want to explain the simple, easy and the most realistic way to enter the Nollywood and making a great career with the have seized the opportunity to take advantage of Nigerian film industry and is likely to become one of the household name in Nigeria soon.
Still, it’s important for me to warn you about the inherent danger associated with missions like this. While you are looking for the phone numbers of actors and actresses to call to help you gain entry into Nollywood, scammers are aware of this and are taking advantage of this to give false numbers on various websites through which they defraud, rape or lure women to inhumane sexual activities. Some of the actors themselves are even said to be ladies as well.
Okay, most of these girls who are desperately Looking for breakthrough in Nollywood they are highly prepared and interested in being sexually exploited , as long as that helps them climb the Nollywood spacecraft ladder. Some are said to have even sent their nude photos to male celebrity actors in an effort to seduce them, hoping to help them get a role in a movie.
This article may not be for these. However, if you are looking directly it means to become Nollywood actress or actor, Please pay attention to this post. The process is not difficult as long as you have the talent because talent is what makes a great star. before we go into the details, let’s see what you mean win if you finally become a Nollywood star. Participants in the African Diva reality show Auditions Income: Nigerian film industry is the third largest in the world.
Thus, one would expect the glamor and wealth to flow in Nollywood. Average Nigerian movie stars earn between N100,000 to N500,000 per role, while the biggest names in the industry earn between N1 million to N5 million depending on the name and the movie. Production budget. If you earn N100,000 per role as new and next star and get ten roles in a year, that will be amounts to a ferrous N1,000,000. I remember you yet to come, your earnings will surely grow even bigger as you get older and more popularity. In the beginning, you should focus more on how to make your roles correct rather than effective. In addition to taking the movie roles home, the real money actually comes from endorsements and contracts that will come your way when you become popular.
Some popular stars are currently registering for endorsement products from Telecom and other large companies in Nigeria. That is where the greats will come dollars. lifestyles: there is great glamor and apparently enjoyment in the entertainment industry all over the world. You will have the opportunity to attend some of the best events in the country, travel to places, I mean some of the places where I can only dream now and meet great people in society. For most people, this aspect is the most attractive. of everything. Red carpet events, awards and other things like those you used to watch on TV. You get to be in all of them and enjoy the most complete, at least as it seems.
Many celebrities have been able to get political dates in their states or national level due to the popularity gained through the entertainment industry. People get to preparing to go! But how exactly is the entry earned? See you act on television, including government officials and policy makers, and see what you are capable of doing through the way you act. From there, you can get a political date. which is a big problem in Nigeria considering the amount of money that is shared in government here. So if political appointment or entering politics in Nigeria is your dream, I must tell you that the easiest way to achieve it these days is through Nollywood. With all of this in mind, am I sure you’re You must have talent – Talent as I said before is your number one weapon because even if in Nollywood? They manage to get in for sex, are you going to persuade the audience to like their sex performance too? So first you have to be talented if I hope to go in and go further. Since money and fame are involved, it is natural for everyone to believe that he or she is talented, that is what we call believing in yourself which is sometimes self- deception as well. The main reason for our movie scenes. they are full of screams and cries from mediocre actors and the actresses they are trying to impress is due to this self belief / delusion.
But how do you really know if you have talent? Since acting consists of pretending to be what you you and you must have records to back it up! are not and assuming different characters in a different times and circumstances, you must ask yourself: Am I good at pretending to be what I am not? without people discovering the difference? Can I interpret another person’s attitude exactly as the person does without having to try difficult?
Auditions for The Dare To Dream Talent Quest / Reality show If your answers to the previous two questions are positive, you can be a naturally gifted actor / actress. But it is not enough to answer it yourself, others have to say the same about it. If you are really good as you say you are, people must have noticed it in you long before. Your must have appeared in one local performance or the other, like school dramas. Do you have the videotapes of some of the local dramas that you have been involved with? Goshh! So you need to document those things at an early stage. You need to be good at keeping track, it helps you in your careers and your children’s careers. There is no better resume than documented experiences. Attending auditions: Audition is the fasting means of letting producers spot your talent without delay. Look for legitimate auditions and take advantage Who knows, that may be your breakthrough! closer to a registered talent agency: have you tested and believed that you are truly Talented, your next and possibly last step is to approach a legitimate Talent Agency in Nigeria and let them test you. Most of them may require you to register with a certain amount of money, so it will be a waste to finance if you don’t have much talent and go ahead and sign up. But if you are really talented in acting, no agency would want to exchange the opportunity to discover a star except if they are also not talented at seeing a star when they see it. Remember! Millions of other people like you think they are talented and are coming out of their way to gain entry into the industry ahead of you. The only thing that will make you stand out is you Outstanding talent, if your talent is average, I can advise you to look for another profession somewhere else.
Note: Outstanding beauty, extreme sexy appeal, and attractive male physics are considered talent in the movie and entertainment industry most of the time.
Follow these steps to become a Nollywood Actor

1. Create an acting portfolio

The first step in becoming a Nollywood actor is to create an acting portfolio. Your portfolio should contain all the relevant acting work you’ve done so far. This will help you when you go to auditions, decide to join a talent agency or contact filmmakers and film producers. A portfolio performance is essential in your quest to become a Nollywood actor, and will help immensely when trying to get acting performances.

2. Go for auditions

If you want to be a successful Nollywood actor, you have to go to auditions. Auditions are where you can meet actors, producers, directors, cameramen and a host of other people in Nollywood. The best part is that you can showcase your raw acting skills in front of casting directors. If your acting skills are up to par, you can be selected to play a role in a Nollywood Movie. When you attend auditions, be sure to network properly and make connections with the right people. If you finally don’t get the paper that Auditioned for, a relationship built with a director or producer could get you another performance in the future. Making connections with other actors at auditions is very helpful. They could let you know about other auditions you could try, and hooking the role in such auditions could be your big break in Nollywood.

3. Join a talent agency

Especially in Lagos, which turns out to be the city of choice for the Nollywood industry veterans as producers and film creators, there are several actor talent agencies that you can join. the advantages you get when you join a talent The agency is huge. A talent agency will help you secure acting Nollywood jobs because they have the necessary industry knowledge and connections. Talent agencies tend to know about auditions before anyone else does. Joining a talent agency is an important step in becoming a Nollywood actor.

4. Show Your Talent on Social Media

Media Social media over the past decade has proven to be a great tool for displaying your acting skills as an aspiring actor. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat are social media platforms that They have made ordinary people in Nollywood famous. The likes of Broda Shaggi and Wofaifada have managed to level their enormous presence on social networks on a big screen.
Wofaifada is an Instagram comedian who has starred in the African Magic Comedy, Roommates. Broda Shaggi is a funny popular comedian on Instagram and YouTube who starred in the widely acclaimed Nollywood movie The Bling Lagosianos. If you would like to become a Nollywood actor, it is important that you create a social media account especially on most popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. Use the same username on all social media platforms so that people can easily find you. Make sure the username is memorable and catchy. You should use your first and last or middle name preferably. So show off your acting skills every day on social media. Filmmakers and filmmakers are bound to notice it on social media easily if you put in at work. You can do skits with other aspiring actors like you. This can help you get a great performance concert in Nollywood if one of your videos goes viral on the Internet. Be consistent and publish every day if possible or less weekly .

5. Build a personal brand

A personal brand is very important if you want to become a Nollywood actor. Make sure to create a personal brand that highlights your strengths as an actor. You can create a niche for yourself in the acting industry. This will help you land certain roles in Nollywood. Then you can branch out into more challenging roles later. Broda Shaggi being a comedian is often cast as a funny character in movies. You can create your personal brand for which you are known something. This will help your acting career very.

6. Reaching Film Producers and Filmmakers

Social media has made it easier to reach film producers and filmmakers in Nollywood. All you have to do is search for their social media accounts and reach them. They often have an email address. or phone number in their biography through which you can contact them.

7. Attend acting classes

Acting classes are very important to aspiring actors in Nollywood. It is very important that you constantly perfect your art. Nollywood is a very competitive industry; therefore you have to attend the performance classes to improve your acting skills. There are many talented aspiring Nollywood actors there, and you have to keep learning if I want to be successful in Nollywood.
There are many film academies founded by different Nollywood actors that offer acting classes. Conclusion Nollywood actors are increasingly recognized on the international scene. Nigerian films are now screened at film festivals worldwide and winning various awards worldwide. If you become a Nollywood Actor, you can enjoy many opportunities Gone are the times when being a Nollywood actor was wrong on. Becoming a Nollywood actor is fast becoming a sure path to career success and compliance. The National Bureau of Statistics as early as 2004 reported that Nollywood employed more than 250,000, contributing 1.4% to GDP.


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