How To Activate Glo Sunday Plan with #200 for 1.25GB

How To Activate Glo Sunday Plan with #200 for 1.25GB
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Hello Everyone, 

Nowadays, we find out that most of all our Savings or Spendings are mostly spend on Subscriptions on Data which it seems to be unbearable for some of us, as in, we can not afford some certain plans anymore due to the downfall in our Savings. 
According to my own Survey with Friends and Family, I noticed they spend more on Data in Weekend, most especially on Sunday, every body want to keep the Sabbath day Holy Online.
There is this Data plan trending on Globacom Network at an affordable Price. Just as we all know it started from MTN (#200 for 1GB) which has been restricted to some selected users now,  Airtel also with the (#200 for 1GB) for new Sim and they are selected I guessed, to know about this, Click Here, while Glo no come Carry last… 
The most amazing part about this offer is that is not sim Selective like that of MTN and Airtel… What a Wow Offer… 
Although the offer can only be activated on Sunday alone…
Let go straight to the point for Requirements, tomorrow have reach Finish, no time to write an epistle… 
1. Glo Sim
2.  #200 Glo Airtime 
Procedures To Subscribe To Glo Sunday Data Plan
1. Dial *777#
2. Enter 1 to buy data.
3. Enter 1 to buy data plan .
4. Enter 1 if you want the plan to auto renew or enter 2 for one off.
5. Enter 7 for “Night and Weekend
6. Enter 4 to buy the 1.25Ggs for # 200 plan.
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You can Purchase this data Plan on any day of the week but can only be use on Sunday. 
Let say you subscribe for this plan on Tuesday, your data will be reserve till Sunday for Usage. 
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It a free world… 

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