How To Activate 2gb Data On Mtn App

Just in MTN 2gb giveaway plan 

ear: both; text-align: center;”> MTN data plans

Activate Mtn 4gb Data Plan for 30 days

Mtn data plans are increasing daily and with no time they will become the grandmasters of data. 
I will Be showing you how to activate mtn 2gb weekly  data plan you will be supprised how much it costs just a penny and you will gain max Access to the internet. 
Proceedures to activate Mtn 2GB giveaways plan

1. Open your mtn app if you don’t have one 
Then drop Your number in the comment box and join the Mtn app
2. Tap mega data deal zone
ear: both; text-align: center;”> MTN data plan

3. Tap bundle now tap top deal 
Then you will see this 
ear: both; text-align: center;”> HOW TO ACTIVATE LATEST MTN 20GB- 40GB DATA FREE
You will be given 2gb weekly for just 500. 
The last time I Checked not even Glo can give that’s amount of data for 500 for a whole week 
Enjoy always use our comment box to express your thoughts 

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