How does pride bring a person down ? How pride kills faster than anything.
Pride is a self esteem , consciousness of one’s own dignity. Taking yourself so high and seeing others as a low dignity.

  • Frequently putting all of the attention on
  • Struggling to empathize with the sorrows of
  • Feeling self-pity when you’re not praised Constantly considering what others think of you
  • Avoiding people who are better than you at something
  • Easily finding flaws in others

When you have a pride , you tend to act indirectly like a boss , you feel uncontrollable and like a master. You tend not to listen to anybody’s advice and many other things that can help .

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How Does Pride kills

1. Lack Of Information

When people around you find you hard to listen to them , they tend to reduce the information they pass to you . This information can be something strong that you need to get , it may be something that will help you a lot but due to the fact that they know you won’t listen , the pride in you won’t allow you listen them then they keep it to theirselves . Pride won’t make you get necessary information even the ones that will help you.

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2. Lack Of Friends

Friends will leave ! Some friends hate it when they can’t talk to you , each time they gave conversations with you , you are always feeling high esteem , you usually tell them not to talk to you anyhow and this will send some friends away from you .

3. Hatred

Elders around you don’t like it when they see someone not upto their age being rude , pride will always make someone become rude in some areas and this can make the elders hate . And we all know hatred is a no no thing in our lives to grow forward.

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4. Lack Of Opportunities

When you tend to find opportunities , you might certainly not get the opportunity due to pride , even job interviewers love it when someone bring him/her down to the last level and this shows respect . But when you feel you are high in level , it can push them away from assisting you or giving you a job.

There are other ways on how pride kills but for now let e stop here . To be continue…

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