Understanding Host-Based Firewall Implementation For Networks

Understanding Host-Based Firewall Implementation For Networks


In my previous articles, I have talked about different types of firewalls that we have in network security. Now, I want to talk about host-based firewall implementation in network security. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.


In implementing firewalls, administrators must be able to evaluate implementation issues to achieve a successful security solution for there systems. understanding the types of firewalls means knowing how the firewall will evaluate traffic and decide what to allow and what not to allow.


Understanding the firewall’s implementation means understanding how that firewall is set in relation to the network it is protecting. In this article, I want to look at the implementation of a host-based firewall for organisations.

Understanding Host Based Firewall Implementation For Networks

Now Host-based implementation…

In the host-based scenario, the firewall is a software solution installed on an existing machine with an existing operating system. The most significant concern in this scenario is that, no matter how good the firewall is, it is contingent upon the underlying firewall system. 


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In such a scenario, it is critical that the machine hosting the firewall have a hardening operating system. Hardening operating system refers to taking serious precaution including ensuring all patches are updated, uninstalling unneeded application and utilities, closing unused ports and turning off unused services. 


In the network host-based implementation, you install the firewall software on an existing server. Sometimes, the server’s operating system may come with such software. It is not all uncommon for administrators to use a machine running Linux, configure its built-in firewall and use that server as a firewall. 


The primary advantage to this option is cost. It is much simpler to still install a firewall onto an existing machine, and use that machine as a firewall. 


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