I want to humbly welcome you to my blog. It is a great pleasure having you here in my home page. I put so much effort into developing this blog and writing my articles so that I can give you the best that I have to offer. I do hope that you will learn so much from all the articles.


The aim of this blog is to transform Nigeria and Africa at large into a customer centric country. I want to use the blog to change the mentality of organisations in Nigeria and the rest of the world that the best way to go is to be customer centred. Many organisations today believe that it is not profitable to do business from customers’ perspective. That is very wrong. SO from this home page , I want you to start your journey to customer centricity , where before you make any decision in your organisation, you are asking yourself, ” How will this affect our customers?” These are some of the findings from the web that shows that it is more profitable to do business from customers’ perspective.


” A good loyalty programme has the power to transform a business into a customer-centric profit machine. Here, we offer a thirty-point list of the major factors that directly impact the success and profitability of a customer loyalty programme” – Peter Clark (Co Author -The Loyalty Guide).


“A CRM system helps you to gather all of the data you have on your customers and centralizes it in one place. Once captured, that data can be manipulated, used for analysis and forecasting and ultimately improve the customer experience”- Steve McDonald



Another Aspect that you will enjoy on this blog is Project Management. Some have asked me why I am writing on Project Management in a CRM blog. It is because you need the knowledge of Project Management as a CRM professional. The knowledge of Project Management will help you to convince stakeholders and achieve your CRM project objectives. Please do not neglect this section as well.


Any thing we can do to help your business ?


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