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Acne is a common problem in adolescence, and also during certain stages of Adulthood. It mainly affects the nose, to the skin of the face and back, and is related to diet, hormone levels and stress.

The grains or mud can be very annoying, unsightly, and can also leave marks or scars on the skin. Heal these pimples sometimes it is very expensive, and the use of agents chemicals can cause effects secondary in your body.

For this reason, it is important to consider alternatives homemade with natural products that will be harmless to your skin and will serve to eliminate annoying granites.
And the more importantly, they will help you to avoid scars. And you’re wondering, what are those home remedies to remove pimples of the skin?  They are…

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1. Lemon
2. Aloe Vera
3. Rice Water


The first is lemon. Its astrigent power It will help you deep clean the skin. The antiseptic effect provided by its acidity going to kill bacteria and therefore the infection. To end those pesky granites just apply directly lemon juice with a cotton ball in the area affected. Let it act for a few minutes and then remove with water. Be careful if for whatever reason you have irritated skin, And in this case, avoid putting the lemon juice.


The second natural remedy that you will be able to use to kill your pimples is Aloe Vera. Aloe gel is a product essential for skin care. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties They fight the infection of the pimples. His power regenerative and healing will do the same to avoid leaving marks on your skin. If you have a plant at home, cut a leaf and open it longitudinally.

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Extract your gel and apply it on the pimples before go to sleep Let it work all night and the next morning remove with water. Before using this remedy, make sure don’t be allergic by rubbing a little gel on a small area of ​​your arm.


The third home remedy that will help you great help to end the mud and other impurities of the skin, is the rice water. To prepare this rice water, just leaving a handful of rice to soak for all night. The next day you will see that the water is white, and you can apply it on your skin. Leave to act until dry completely and remove with water. If you use this remedy, you must use rice free of pesticides, to prevent chemicals affect your skin. Remember that healthy eating and habits healthy life will also be essential to make your skin look glowing. Further, don’t forget that patience and perseverance they are important factors in seeing results. And now that you know these remedies, don’t wait more and put them into practice tomorrow same!

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