Highlights of the USA CAN-SPAM Act



In this article, I am still talking about rules and regulations that have been put together to safeguard people online. One of such rule is the USA CAN-SPAM Act. The bill was signed into an Act by President W- Bush in 2003.


This act establishing guidelines when it comes to sending of commercial emails. You might be punished when your email is been counted as spam.

The ACT establishes the rules of commercial email such as:

  • The requirements for commercial email messages.
  • It also gives the recipient the power to stop receiving such emails. That is why your emails much have unsubscription buttons.

The rules also establish that anyone that sent emails that violates the CAN_SPAM Act will pay $16,000 as fine.

Here are some of the requirement for a well acceptable commercial email:

  • Do not use a false or misleading header for your email.
  • If the message you are sending is an advertisement, you have to state it clearly in your mail.
  • You should tell the recipient how they can opt-out if they want to stop receiving further email from you.
  • You should honour the recipient request to stop receiving email messages from you within ten business days.
  • If a third party is sending email on your behalf, you have to monitor what they are sending on your behalf.

All these are very necessary in order for you not to run foul of the law.

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