Here’s how this entrepreneur built a million-dollar business focusing on these 3 strategies

Brandon Poulin is the CEO and co-founder of LadyBoss, a company focused on helping women lose weight.

Poulin started as an entrepreneur in the field of marketing, but after several ups and downs, she discovered that she had difficulty covering basic expenses.

He and his wife, Kaelin Pulin, invested the last $ 1,000 they had in their savings account and launched LadyBoss. After just a few years, their business began to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Here are three strategies that helped them.

Be emotional about your customers, not the numbers
One of the main tips Poulin has for entrepreneurs to increase the impact of their companies is to remove emotions from every aspect of the business except one: consumers.

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“The only thing you are allowed to become emotional about is your customers,” he says. “For everything else, erase the emotions.”

Many entrepreneurs become emotional about the wrong things, such as numbers or data. Poulin says you should look at numbers as facts and let them guide you in making decisions, but not get involved in emotions. Where emotion can hurt you in some aspects of business, it can help you in others.

“You have to be data-focused, except when you think about consumers. You have to understand how they feel and what they think. ”

This is something Brandon knows very well. From their first customer to the 200,000, LadyBoss has found the secret when it comes to empathizing with their customers.

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Unit-based leadership
Poulin says unit-based leadership has helped him grow his company. “Look at how you lead yourself when you start a company, and then how you lead a team when you start growing, because you are just one person and you can’t do it all alone.”

This means that you have to have a lot of data in order to make important decisions and grow.

“You have a lot of decisions to make as entrepreneurs,” says Poulin, “and when you start using numbers as a reference point, you can not lose because they do not lie.”

Invest in people
When Brandon and Kaelin Poulin started LadyBoss, they were doing it all themselves. After a while, they started freeing up some time by hiring an executive assistant. Then, another team member, until that number went to 70.


Brandon’s advice to any entrepreneur is to start understanding where they are spending their time and what tasks they can delegate to someone else. You can then free up more time to work on the more strategic parts of your business.

When growing a business as big as LadyBoos has grown, there is no magic shortcut. But as Brandon says, there are areas where you can prioritize to grow faster. It all comes down to team building, leadership with units of measure, and emotionality in the main thing for you: your customers.

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