Understanding Some Hacking Terminologies For Networks

Understanding Some Hacking Terminologies For Networks


In this very article, I want to talk about some of the hacking terminologies that you need to understand for networks. Follow me as we look at that together in this article. 


You have to note that hacking terminologies for networks are not precise. You also need to know that some of the definitions can be debated. Is it a known fact that no official definition for hacking exists. 

Understanding Some Hacking Terminologies For Networks


I am going to start this definition by defining who a hacker is. Most people use the word hacking to describe any person who breaks into a computer system. You should note that on the way, both hackers and security professionals see themselves differently. 


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A Hacker is a professional on a particular system or systems who want to learn more about the system. Hackers always feel that looking at system flaws is the best way to learn about that system. 


Take, for instance, someone that is well versed in Linux Operating System who works to understand that system by learning it’s weaknesses and flaws would be a hacker. This does not mean whether a flaw can be exploited to gain access to a system. The exploiting part of the process is where hackers now differentiate themselves into three groups. I will be discussing those three groups in this article. 


White Hackers 

These type of hackers, upon finding a vulnerability in a system, will report the vulnerability to the vendor of the system. If they find a vulnerability in Red Hat Linux will immediately send an email to the Red Hat Company, explaining what the flaw is and how it was exploited. 


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Black Hat Hackers 

These are the bad people that you always see in movies and newspapers. With this category of people, after they might have gained access to a system, there next goal is to cause harm to such a network. They are likely to steal data, erase files, or deface the website. At times, these categories of hackers are also called crackers. 


Grey Hackers

They are typically law-abiding citizens but in some cases, they will venture into illegal activities. They might do so for a wide variety of reasons. Grey hackers always conduct illegal thing because of some reasons that they feel it’s reasonable enough. They might decide to hack into government agencies websites to reveal illegal activities or corruption. 


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