GTBank: An interesting study in household relationship

See how GTBank shows a good example of Household relationship…

In my previous article, I have talked about the relationship that exists in a nuclear household. I have been able to establish the fact that if organizations want to trace this relationship, it should not be based on the first name or address.
A lady, for example, may get married and change her name. Someone once advised me not to use my surname for my children but use my first name. Things like this happen all the time. That is why you cannot rely on last name and address.
household relationship
One basic thing we should know is that customer relationship management help us to understand the extended relationship or social networks that our customers keep. Using banking as an example now, do you know there is some high net worth individual that do not keep their money in banks.
We have heard stories of individuals, political office holders that embezzle public funds and keep it away from banks. If you have those categories of people and you are using their bank account balance or the type of cars they drive to judge them. You might be missing some details.
I once had an issue with my bank while I was trying to open my current account. I was given a lot of stress by the Almighty GTBank just because I want to open a current account.
It was hell on earth. At the end of the day, the account was opened and my much-expected salary was paid into the account. To my amazement, I got to the bank after receiving the Alert and I was told that I could not withdraw from the account just because my second Guarantor cannot be reached.
As a Customer Relationship Management savvy person, I would never take any of that. I had no option than to send a mail and threatened the Almighty GTBank.
I believe that they also understand the influence of Social media in today’s business environment. I told them that I will go on Social media and tell the whole world that they are not customer-centred. Why on earth am I doing that?
The so-called Guarantor is GTBank customer. He appended his signature on my form. If GTBank has looked closely enough, I and my Guarantor are working for the same employer. That shows that they are not really studying all this information in order to do business from the customers’ perspective. It is very easy for many of us to conclude that an organization is customer centred just because they are everywhere or because they have zero account balance opportunity. Some of these organizations are deploying technologies so that they can make more money online.
I stand to be corrected, as long as banks will receive cash from you today, only to tell you tomorrow that the account that you pay into yesterday is now dormant, they are not customer-centred. As long as banks will cajole you to open an account only to tell you when you want to make withdrawals that you cannot have access to your account unless you bring your international passport or national identity card, they are not customer centred.
Many banks have lost valuable customers just because they failed to study the law of influence value. They have to know their customers and the kind of relationship they keep before they can reverse this trend.

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