The Concept of Google Universal Search in SEO

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This article talks about the concept of Google Universal search in SEO…..



Have you ever wondered what Google Universal Search is? Is your concern about why it is difficult to rank higher in Google Search engine? I was once in that shoe. In this article, I want to throw more light on some stuffs that you never know about.


Join me as we follow this together in this article.

Google Universal Search is a combination of many media

I told you earlier in my previous articles that Google came up with Google Universal Search in SEO. It has to do with combination of many media when result are being displayed in Search engines. In the recent time, the different combination of contents and media are now grouped into different tabs in order to make it easy for user to see what they are actually looking for.
 Google Universal Search
When search results are displayed, it comes with a combination of News, Video, images among others. Of recent, Google has decided to group them into different categories but it is still more competitive in a way.

Google Universal Search present different values

That is why when you search for things on Google, you will noticed that they are in different varies. This is being done to increasing competition among publishers.

The Google Universal Search has made coming up in search engine to be more competitive as the results are mixed up to include various varieties. Some now include news, PDF, video among others as well.




As a Publisher that wants more people to reach you through search engines, you should know that gone are those days that it happens by share luck. You have to work for it by taking Search Engine Optimization serious. That does not mean you should spam the Search engine. In doing that, you might be penalized. Besides, Google changes the algorithms from time to time. You might be there today and dropped in positioning tomorrow. The best thing is to do your homework very well.



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