8 Major Skills a Good Digital Marketer Should Have

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Introducing the critical skills of a Good Digital Marketer



I have come across many people from all works of life. They all want to become Digital Marketer. Many of my students have always asked me to show them ways of making money online. We all want to make the money but not all of us have the required skills. Before you set out looking for a job as a Digital Marketer, in this article, I want to show you some of the skill sets that employers expect you to have. Not only that, if you handling Digital Marketing as a Consultant you should also have these skills. Here are some of the skills you should have as a good Digital Marketer.



I can say that without the skills I am about to reveal in this article, you are less likely to succeed.

Without wasting much time with the intro, let me show you some of the skill set that you need to have for a successful Digital Marketing experience.


#1 Data Analysis

One of the required skills that you must have as a Digital Marketer is the ability to analyse data. You should be able to look at graphical variables and draw a  conclusion from what you have seen.

Many at times, you will be seeing analytics results as well as other statistics from your website or blog. You must be able to analyse this data and draw a conclusion from it.

#2 Email delivery best practices

Another critical skill that you need as a Digital Marketer is the ability to send successful emails. You should know what to do and what not to do as far as sending emails to a recipient is concerned. This will go a long way in helping you or the organisation you represent to turn leads to customers.

#3 Consumer behaviour understanding

There is a need for you to understand the factors that drive consumer behaviour in any organisation. As a good Digital Marketer, you should be able to look at the information available to you from different sources and draw out conclusion on how prospects and customer behaves under different circumstances. This will help you to turn more leads to customers in the long run.

Eight Major Skills a Good Digital Marketer Should Have

#4 Market segmentation

Another critical skill that a good Digital Marketer needs is market segmentation skills. He has to know how to divide prospects and customers based on the characteristics that they have in common.

This will enable him to carry out targeted marketing which has more probability of success than general marketing techniques.


#5 Production abilities

Another skill that a good Digital Marketer should have is production abilities. He should be able to manage websites and design graphics images.

Although I will say a Digital Marketer is not expected to be a jack of all trade but at least he should have a working knowledge of some of the aspects of Digital Marketing that are required for his job.


#6: Media Planning and buying skills as part of the skills of a good Digital Marketer

Most of the time, as a Digital Marketer, you will need to carry out your job through Freelancers. They are expert in their own right that is ready to take some burdens off you.

As a Digital Marketer, you need to have negotiating skills when dealing with Frelancers so as to get a fair deal. Places like Fiverr and Elance provides much of the Freelancers for your Digital Marketing jobs.


#7: Campaign Management Skills as part of the skills of a good Digital Marketer

One other required skill for a Digital Marketer is campaign management skill. A good Digital Marketer must be able to manage campaigns geared towards driving more customers to the organisation.

He must be able to analyse what works and what will not work as far as turning leads to customers is concerned. This will help to increase the conversion rate as far as lead conversion is concerned.

#8 Data visualisation skills as part of the skills of a good Digital Marketer

A good Digital Marketer must be able to visualise data. He has to be able to look at data at once and draw out conclusions on steps to improve sales and conversion in the organisation. Without these, Digital marketing effort will be an exercise in futility.


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