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Today I will be coaching you on how to To get 500MB FREE. 

Now I will be straight forward you’ll need to download and install myMTN mobile App. And what does myMTN mobile App does?
MyMTN gives subscribers greater control of their own mobile services in order that they will access services and solve issues without having to contact company representatives.

MyMTN also ensures customers have access to information about MTN’s products and services whenever the user needs it (24 hours a day) and at their convenience.

You can start by downloading the myMTN mobile app on play store, after downloading, register together with your mobile number and a 500MB data us getting to be sent to you at no COST.
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ear: both; text-align: center;”>Also read Mtn unveils latest data plan for 2020

If after following the steps you happen not to have received it use the comment box as I will respond and solve it
Always stay tuned 



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