/How to generate Leads through Online Advertising

How to generate Leads through Online Advertising


In my previous article, I have talked about some of the procedures of generating leads or turn online visitors to customers. In this article, I want to talk about some of the steps that must be followed when we need to use online advertising as a means of generating leads. Follow me as we look at this process together.



targeted publications
One of the ways of generating leads through online advertising is by showing adverts in targeted publications. When we talk of targeted publication as a means of generating leads, we are saying that the adverts must be relevant to the article posted. Let’s say I have written an article about Email marketing , and am now advertising an Email marketing tool in that post.


It will generate more response than an advert placed on a wrong post. That is why you see that advertisers always want to advertise on blog that have something related to their products and services.


inexpensive adverts
One other methods that can be adopted by organizations when they are trying to turn leads to customers is to place inexpensive adverts in their newsletters. When you are sending newsletters or updates to your Leads or opportunities, you can place adverts about that new products or services that you are just coming up with in that newsletter. That can be a way of reaching your target customer with the right products or services as well.



compelling headlines
Another means of generating leads through online advertising is through compelling ads. There is something we call Open rate in Email Marketing. It shows the number of mails that are opened by recipients. When you are trying to use Email marketing to turn leads to customers, you need to use Titles that will make recipients to want to read your mail message.


If you are not using the right title for your email, your message might ended up in trash can. That is why you have to do a lot of assignment on your email titles.


direct response ads
Another means of generating leads is through online advertising. When we talk of Direct Response Adverts, there is the need for you to send adverts that are related to enquiries that your prospective customers have made.  This kind of advert is likely to generate the right response from recipients. You can also ask your recipient if you can follow up through the contact address that they have provided as well.


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