What you need to know about a Gantt Chart

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The Gantt Chart is one of the useful too for project managers when they are trying to develop schedule.


 The Gantt Chart is so useful because it shows the whole schedule in one place and present the true situation of things as regard the Project in a Graphical format. It is even the default view when you are using Microsoft Project as a Scheduling tool.

Tasks in this tool are listed down the left side and dates across the top with bars to indicate start and finish dates for each of the tasks.


It may also show the dependencies of the project activities. Gantt Chart are named after Henry Gantt m who invented this mechanism for representing Project Schedule in a Project. The Gantt chart is so amazing as it allows you to see everything about your project at once without have to scroll from one place to another. Once you are able to set the duration for your project and assign your baseline for the project. You can actually see from the Gantt chart whether the project is running behind schedule or above schedule at any given time. 

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The Gantt chart has two sections for your viewing pleasure. We can see the part that shows the main area that looks like Microsoft Excel where you can input your data and set durations for your project. We have the second part which is the section where you can can see the graphical representation of what you have entered in the first part. As a Project Manager, it will be really amazing to lay your hand on Gantt Chart. Trust me.


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